January Favorites

January is named after Janus, the god of the doorway; the name has its beginnings in Roman mythology, coming from the Latin word for "door", since January is the door to the year. - wikipedia.org

And the door for my favorites for this month is open.

Everbilena  HD Mascara
 One thing that I can't go out without is putting my mascara. For me, mascara gives my eyes a unique sparkle even if i don't put too much eyeshadow. Everbilena HD Mascara it is not only affordable, it is also pretty awesome like the foreign brands.

Nichido Clear Mascara

My eyebrows are really "buhaghag" (scattered). Nichido clear mascara helps me to fix this mess on my face. 

San-San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
If somebody will ask me what kind of pen I have on my vanity, I'd answer San-san waterproof Eyeliner pen.Yehey! It's easy to use because its resembles the exact shape of a pen which gives me a better grip on it. The tip of the pen is very pointy that allows me to create a different lines, from "barely there" to dramatic lines. And one thing that makes this pen great, it doesn't run of and no smudge for the whole day activity. Another thing, its pigmented, one apply is enough.

MAC Lady Gaga Collection Studio Fix Duo

A very versatile MAC Lady Gaga Collection. This duo make up compact with studio fix powder and pink lush blush. I bring this box every time I go out. Two in one box!

Nichido Naturally Beautiful Kit
 With so many make up kit brands out in the market its hard to choose which one is good for you. But as for my make - up experience, Nichido is one of my best recommendation.It has so many colors to choose from matte to shiny shimmering shadows. Well, just want to apologize my nichido is almost empty..(LOL).
Mikyayj Lipstick from The Red Lady Collection
The perfect matte lipstick I have! Yep! Red and Orange for january. It's pretty cool because I rarely use dark lipstick before cause my boyfriend doesn't want me to put "mature" lip colors. But for a change, I disobey what my boyfriend told me. 

Victoria's Secret Noir Tease
 If I had a one perfect two in one bottle on my purse, it would be Victoria's Secret Noir Tease, because of its fragrance and creaminess (like nestle cream.LOL)I use it as a lotion and perfume.My boyfriend loves the smell!
Marianaud Blush/Powder Brush, Eyebrow Comb and Nichido Lip Brush
These three basic make - up tools I have are my favorites. I told you my eyebrow's hair are scattered with the help of comb, it will fix the mess on my face.Another thing, for make - up beginners like me who doesn't know how to draw their eyebrows, combing it and setting (by using nichido mascara) the hairs according to its growth will help you to outline your brows. No need to draw! Easy and natural. (wink)! Lip Brush, of course, perfect for a red/orange lips. Powder/Blush brush, I am not really good at "whats the use of this tools" Usually, I make my brushes as versatile as possible. That's why I pity my blush/powder brush..(LOL).

Disco Ball OMG Nail Polish by Klik
 This is my first DIY nail polish and Im proud..ahemm...I want to have a Lacquer but I cannot afford the possible price..That's why I've created my own!
Broadway Gems and Tictac Supermint
Never under estimate the power of bow on a girls hair. Most of my outfit even if it doesn't match I always put my ribbon,whatever my hairstyle. Tictac - a candy is a friend when your hungry! and mint to save your mouth from spoiled saliva..(LOL)

January is usually considered the second month of winter. Just another nice-to-know ideas. If you have any favorites too on my January favorites, you are free to leave your comments below:).

Alta Glamouroza,

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