Day 3: How I spend my Eid Holiday

It was a good morning for all of us who stayed at Riyadh. Everybody had their own rest and sweet dreams. We woke up early and planned our next adventure this day. The group decided that we were going to the most visited place in Riyadh, the Red Sand and of course malling.
At six in the morning, I witnessed the sunrise when I got out of the gate of Ate Jenny's place. The streets were quiet and saw some joggers and bikers along the road. The breeze of the air was refreshing. We rode at the car and kick off to our next journey.

Road going to the Philippine Embassy of Riyadh

Along the road, I saw skyscrapers with different architectural designs and long skyways. The Al- Faisaliah Tower was standing like a reverse cone. The stunning Riyadh Kingdom Centre and different enormous military hospitals. I even noticed the blooming of the flowers and green meadows along the road. The date trees at the middle of the main streets in the city.  Colorful and variant signboards of each malls and boutiques, were fascinating. By that time, its not yet traffic in the city but private cars are really fast. 
The Stone/Mountain Formation

Going to the Red Sand was a long drive, we took us two hours to arrived at the famous sand of Riyadh. While we were on the streets, we saw pretty and gigantic stone formation. We are amazed how nature was created by God. How pretty is His creations. We stopped and took pictures at the streets and we have a lot of fun during the long drive.

The Red Sand of Riyadh
At last! The Red Sand, the ATV'S (All-Terrain Vehicle) or the quad motor/bike, the filipinos soaking up in the sun and the thrill on going up to the highest of the san dunes, I just can feel the excitement rushing on my veins. We rent five ATV's (for Kuya Allan and Kiel, for Charles, for Kuya Joper, for Kuya Chris and for me) for forty riyals that will last for one hour. Since I am their princess, (one of the boys), the cutest quad motor belongs to me and its pretty cool because along the side of the motor the print was "RAM". (hahaha! I guess it is really meant for me).

So we started the adventure at the Red Sand. I drove fast, slow and in different heights of the dunes. I even felt the sand on my hands and I can felt it also inside my shoes. Despite of the scorching heat of the sun, I still manage to enjoy it and able to smile. When I found the highest spot of the hill, I looked around, all were busy taking photos, some are using professional cameras and most are selfies. It was a big WOW! I felt I was inlove with the nature. 

After that experience, I went to find my group, and took picture with them. We raced and suddenly I fell down and thanks God, the ATV didn't hit me, instead my face was on the ground but Im still fortunate because I don't have any scar on my face, it was both funny and I felt humiliated. It was an experience and next time I'll be cautious. The group decided to stay for a while in the car, to revitalize our body with fluid and to remove any sand on our body. We laugh out loud and tell stories with each other while we were separated. Afterwards, we come to a decision to go home, have lunch and nap. 

While we were heading home, we saw a disturbing scene, it was a car accident and all of them were filipinos. We took a break, and Kuya Allan, Cris and Joper went to the vicinity of the accident and looked if there is something that they can do. So they put a shield that would cover the wounded filipinos and when they came back to the car, we offered a prayer for all of them.

At the evening, we went to Al-Nakheel Mall, it was funny because the mall was loacted near Al-Khobar and we taught we were heading the wrong direction. Since we are using GPS, we just trust the talking GPS. And yes! we arrived at the mall and of course, I just looked at the price of the goodies there. One thing, I also met new friends and company, Ate Beka and Kuya Max, they were friends of Kuya Allan and Ate Sarah (wife of Kuya Allan) and they were also close friends of Dr. Rhona. Ate Beka and Kuya Max were tennis and badminton players. Thanks to Ate Beka who braid my hair that night. 
Inside the Al - Nakheel Mall

It was indeed a mixture of fun and sad moment this day, but life is short, we don't know what will happen tomorrow or in the near future. We are fortunate that we were still alive and came home safe. When God is still giving you life every morning, we should be grateful and we are blessed. When He is causing you to wake up every morning, it means that He still have plans and He's not yet done in you. We are indeed grateful that we have a loving and at the same time merciful Father in heaven who watched us intently. 


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