Until Dawn

It's almost six in the morning and I haven't rest my eyes yet. It's too late to realize Mr. Sunny Day is coming out.It's nice to know that I can blog all through out the night and smash up all the cookies in front of me, well of course that's not mine.(LAUGH). Now, iam puzzled, what would be the topic on my blog post that would interest me and my readers as well. Any suggestions?
Top: Cimbada Jeans: Thrifted Bag: CG Belt: Thrifted Shoes: CLN

I wore this outfit when I went to Department of Foreign Affairs to fix my passport. And my initial plan was to drop by and set an appointment only. But luckily, the guard says that I can renew my passport without any appointment. Wow! That’s pretty amazing because the system is fast.
 With this outfit, every guys inside the office was staring at me, from my shoes until to the bow of my hair. The guards assisted me very well. If I ask them, they answer me politely. After all, this is their job. Assist applicants, check and verify the applicant’s requirements so that the system will be fast. It’s nice and enjoyed it even for a while. Honestly, it’s awkward because even their wife or girlfriend was turning around. If only I can disappear that time I will. But I am confident enough, walking along the aisle, stepping on the stairs then suddenly I fell down! Gosh! That was embarrassing, I swear.  I want to shrink or hide inside my bag because of embarrassment. I miscalculate the possibility of falling down even If I’m wearing wedges. But anyways, I need to get up, find my poise and walk away and run as fast as I can. 

After all the step by step process, my new passport will be release on February six (I need to put that on my note). And after the fall,now I know what will be my next post. I need to research on how to walk on high wedges and share it with you. And how to manage after the fall.

And it’s already time for breakfast and sleep.


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