WARNING: Online Shopping Tips

Life is a race,so with shopping, it is also a race. Now a days, many online stores are rampantly on the Internet. Everywhere on the page or on a particular site you can see them advertising their own products. Women, especially me is also addicted with this particular way of consuming different products on the web. My first experience on online shopping was on holiday season last year, I never thought and never had a second thought that I will do it on the second or third time. Honestly, I am on a rush that time and the malls are very busy, there are so many people inside and I cannot even step my foot. And the rest was history. But what are the guidelines on this "hobby"?

Here are some tips on how we will secure ourselves from scam,and to secure also our purchased product.

TIP1: Always trust your instinct. If you're in doubt of what you will purchase and you think that it is better to put it first in the wish list- do so! Don't hesitate. Remember that once you've "bag it" and confirmed, it's yours and you'll pay! 

TIP2: Be knowledgeable on the store. Read the terms and condition set by the web-based store. Familiarize yourself with the rules, policies, returns, refund and exchange. This is legal matters!
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(Trying to do a jumpshot but not succesful:)

TIP3: Price Watch. Check the price of the item you want. It maybe cheap but low quality or it might be too pricey. Don't be afraid to compare each items to other online store. It will help you decide.Pay for a beautiful item for a reasonable price!

TIP4: Make sure it is safe. Ensure the quality of the Internet Connection. Always check the security software in in place or indicated on the site before payment. Choose a method of payment that is safe, easy and the purchased item will be deliver fast. As my experience, I always choose the COD (Cash on delivery), because it is wiser and easier..NO ITEM NO PAYMENT.
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TIP5: Ensure the delivery of the purchased item is safe. Print the terms and condition if necessary. And after receiving your new goodies, inspect if the seal is open or damaged before signing any receipt. Remember as stated on the paper: DON'T ACCEPT IF THE SEAL IS BROKEN.

I am looking forward that my simple and few tips help you in purchasing your item. Have a happy online shopping because.... 
                SMARTWOMAN - KNOWS!

Alta Glamouroza,

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