Way Back Into Love

All i wanna do is find a way back into love...

Sounds very familiar,don't you? Yeah! I am back into the arms of blogging after what happened with my previous blog (www.kimberlynisin.blogspot.com) it was corrupted by anonymous alien. 

Anyways, let's go back to positivity and happiness. I changed my blog title as well as the URL of my blog because I feel that 2014 will be kind to me and all of the joyous things in the world will come to me.It's a nice feeling to go back to the things that you love and you miss, especially when your typing/writing your whereabouts even if not all of the readers or my co-bloggers will be interested on what I am talking about. My happiness is not on how many people will read on what I am doing on my blog, it's not the quantity, it's the content that counts. Somehow, I want also numbers, because numbers determine on how many people are interested to read your blog, or how many people check your accounts, but as I know numbers are just numbers, you can easily get it but the content of your blog and on how you motivate and inspire other people is best thing on blogging.

One question, why I want to blog? Is it for fame? Is it for business? Or just for fun? Its a lame reason when you just say for fun,honestly, my answer are all of the above. Fame and money is hard to get, and fun is the easiest one..Let's have fun! And I welcome my self again to the world of undeniable enjoyment and continuous thirst of knowledge.

I love blogging. I love sharing my stupid ideas about anything and what i miss about blogging is the interaction between different people, races and beliefs in the world in one so - called - BLOG. Maybe, I need to leave a question. "WHY DO YOU BLOG?"


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