Love gives you a Fairy tale

He is a alcoholic, cigarette smoker of one pack per day and a playboy. He never believes in love at first sight not until he saw different gorgeous women. He never believes in commitment not until he committed for nothing. He never believes in fairy tales and happy ending relationships not until he found himself lost. Laurence, a man who believes himself a master of woman. And found love right in the middle of an ordinary life.

But one thing that captures his attention, her beautifully long hair, Rapunzel, her love of his dreams, the woman he will wait in the altar, exchange vows and be the mother of his kids. He is unfortunately lucky, by that time Rapunzel had a boyfriend. Laurence believes that he is a master of woman and relationship. He can get what he wants but not Rapunzel. Frustrated by her attention, he tried to collect girls, and break up with them until he’s fed up. He had done it until college, he took up Bachelor of Nursing, got his license (he’s proud) and had worked in a hospital. Yet, he didn’t get what he wants, her beloved Rapunzel.

Hopelessly, he continued life, moving forward into a better future. In unexpected moment of his life, he saw Rapunzel working at the same hospital where he works. His manhood boost up and adrenaline rush came. He didn’t notice he’s already talking to her, exchanging of text messages, in short he courted her patiently. Not until the Day of Judgment came, they went into a special place where he asked “can you be my girlfriend?” and presented a ring. He got the gold. Rapunzel's love made him a better man. Her unconditional love and everlasting understanding change him into a responsible man.

They have ups and downs for Laurence is a jerk. He tried to cheat, which made their love strong.(Why do men always cheat?!) And until now they are three years and counting. They are in a long distance relationship status and fighting for their relationship to become strong.

Love endures everything. It can move mountains and cross oceans. Trust, Honesty and Communication are the powers for a long term and distance relationship.Love can make you weak and strong. Love unconditionally and you will become a better person.A true love story never ends and gives you a fairy tale.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day story and date:) Enjoy your weekdays SMART WOMAN!


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