" The heart that is soonest awake to the flowers. 
Is always the first to be touched by the thorns - Moores" 
Sensibility (Sensible): is practical, reasonable, having (or showing) good sense or sound judgment
In my every day, upon waking up until I go to my bed in the evening, I really make sure that I make simple things great and happy. In my early years of my mind development having sound judgement of the things that I'm doing and  whats happening around me, I guess that is one of my weakest point.How did I say so? I always ended up watching television, (wherein the movies are all the same everyday) more than reading my reviewers. I always talk to myself, it's okey to watch more than read because tomorrow is a brand new day for reading and the cycle repeats again for tomorrow. Good Reason? Simple task yet I always disobey. I don't know if you feel what I feel? or think the way I think?

Having that weakest point in my life, I never shut my mouth on opinions. Silence for me is never in my vocabulary. I comment a lot on things I heard, see, smell and feel. And sometimes, not having a good and reasonable judgement leads you into a World War Five which happens a lot. But opinions are opinions, wether they are bad or good.

In my case,being sensible is very important particularly on issues that concerns happiness and simplicity and great fulness because being sensible is being wise and practical. How will I be sensible? Any 101 sensibility subject?

Be SmartWoman! 

Alta Glamouroza,

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