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I was never convinced not until I saw the potential of our adopted son/younger brother the ability to pose for a new post in my blog not until my older brother took a picture of him posing in front of the camera. This was his outfit when we went in Baguio last January, I decided to do an OOTD for him because the little baby insisted.

It was similar with what I wear that day.

We went into the place of my sister and her  son Raleigh to pick them up to stay  in La Union for a couple of weeks and of course to celebrate my sister’s birthday with us.

Baguio City is one of my fave place because of its cold weather and different faces of people around me. When you’re in the mall you can see a lot of Chinese eyes (which really amaze me), and wishing that my eyes are Chinese too. Outside the mall, you can see, native people, with different kinds of boots and shoes they wear (it amazes me also). 
Make Up: Inspired by Anne Curtis - Smith
When my sister was done packing her things including her babies stuff, she told me that we will drop at Camp John Hay to say Hi and See you to his husband working there. While entering to John Hay, a girl is posing in the middle of the road (why on earth you’ll choose to take photo in the center of the road, DUH!). I simply smile and remember that maybe, she is a blogger  or instagramer or a twitter addict and post her photo on those social medias, but instead of a happy face maybe a bloody face. You can take photos anywhere you want except busy roads girls. And I think that is the stupidest thing I’d ever seen that day.

After a tiring day of Camp John Hay, we decided to pull over and stop by to hunt for a food. And my sister was good at this food hunting ideas. My sister was once a baker and cake decorator when she was in high school. She had already gone to Davao, Cebu and Iloilo to compete for cake decorating. But for now, she’s full time mommy to my nephew Raleigh (cuteeee). Anyways, my stomach is already eating itself,(rrroooaaarrr), So finally, we land into a “makamasang kainan” according to my sis, Good Taste Restaurant.

And after the boosting power of eating, we went home with full stomach. The overall rating of our adventure was fun and food. And plus the OOTD of our Mc J.Lord



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