In God we Trust

"When we trust God to walk with us through the valleys of life, he will carry us to greater heights on his magnificent mountain."

I've been busy for the last two weeks because I need to focus on my ultimate examination of my life since its been five years when I took up the last deadly examination. The days and nights of  facing my books and practicing test questions on the computer are very very exhausting and boring (seriously). I just can't imagine that after those whole sacrificing, burning my brows and taking good care of my eye-bags, I will not pass (I'll curse every book that I've read).
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And the day of reaping my harvest had come. I am pretty nervous, my hands are shaking, cold and clammy. I am like a robot, stiff. I cannot explain my thoughts and the only thing  I can perceive is that I need to pray and trust Him, of whatever the result, God has a plan for my betterment. Everything happens for a reason.

As Christians, one of the biggest struggles we face is putting our complete trust in God. We find this challenging because as human beings, we continually let one other down. When people in our lives hurt, disappoint or betray us, it becomes more difficult to trust in their love. As a result, we start believing that God will let us down also. However, we must remember one important thing: God is not a human being with fallacies. He is a spiritual and omniscient entity who will never fail or forsake his children. He is always there to love, listen, and comfort us. In all circumstances and stages of life, wherever we may be, whether good or bad, God is there for us. When we place our wholehearted faith into his hands, God will always encourage and provide us with everything that we could possibly need or desire.

After two hours of struggles, I am completely relieve. While I'm on the comfort room, I really do pray. God will never allow me to come  this far if he will not help me to get through it. After a minute, the proctor called my surname and hand me my certificate. YES! I did it...We did it! and I offer my success to Him.
So take that leap of faith by trusting in God's protection and care in your life, each and every day. Once you do, your life will never be the same. In fact, you might be amazed at what God has planned for you. 

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