Precious Gift - A FRIEND

You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.”
- Nicholas Sparks ( The Notebook )
Friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough Friendship makes life thrilling. It makes life sweet and pleasant experience. Friendship is indeed, an asset in life. It can lead us to successor to doom. It all depends on how we choose our friends.
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My Boyfriend and I, we treat each other as a friend. Honestly, when we were in college we used to fight all the time (we're not yet boyfriends that time). We're always group mates in a group project. Bf is a brainy maniac who loves gun and bullets, used to throw a complicated assignment on my desk. I don't know why I followed Bf in any ways he wanted. 
True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring. It is a feeling that someone understands and appreciates you as you are, without any exaggeration, flattery and pretensions It gives a feeling that you are ‘wanted’ and that you are ‘someone’ and not a faceless being in the crowd. A true friend stands by you through thick and thin. True friendship knows no boundaries or demarcations of caste, creed, race and sex.Friendship is both good and necessary. Man cannot live all alone. He is a social being. He needs someone to share his joys and sorrows. Generally, it is only the people of the same age, character and background, mentality, etc., who can understand him and understand his problems. Friends are needed for support and for sharing. Friendship is an elixir which is essential for a happy life.
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Our pity fights lead us to love each other unconditionally. Just like in movies, from enemies to lovers. And now, discovering the true power of friendship. Our love for each other as a couple and as a friend, I believe, makes the relationship stronger and last forever. Bf is always at my side no matter what,support me in every endeavor I make. And welcomes my strength and weaknesses, pulls me and push me whenever there's a decision to be made.  
We need to select our friends very carefully. We have to remember the maxim “All that glitters is not gold”. In the same manner, we must not be moved by apparent show of friendship. Many remain with us in the guise of good friends and lead us to the wrong path. Today, many youngsters have become social nuisance mainly due to wrong company and bad friends. 
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We spent much of our time with them. Their mental outlook, behavior, attitudes affect us too. Therefore, we have to choose our friends very carefully. We have to distinguish between fair-weather friends and true friends. True friends remain with us through thick and thin while fair-weather friends are found only during sunny days. 
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Lasting friendship is indeed, a blessing. Good friends are great pillars of life. They help us to stand tall and erect in life. Friendship can make or break us. It can lead to good careers and proper living. It does not matter how often you meet your friends, but how much you care and feel for another in good times as well as in bad times. True friendship with true love is a great asset in life.

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