TOP 10: Summer WishList

According to Olaf, "Let's bring back summer!" in the movie Frozen. I am really fascinated what does snow feels like? Or it does smell something? Or what does it taste, if you taste a snowman's body, would your tastebuds tells you, "delicious?" How i wish I could travel to snowy places and wear thick gloves and awesome booties!

March - April until end of May, these are the months of summer here in the Philippines. Honestly, every year the weather becomes hotter and hotter.Im praying Elsa will come here and make the Philippines  frozen (impossible wish?). A yummy cold ice cream and refreshing lemonade plus a slice of custard cake (or maybe I'll try pudding this time) are very perfect for this hot season while having an illusion about your perfect summer vacation, which is included on my wish list.

Here's my Top Ten for this Summer:
Bangkok, Thailand Getaway
 Thousands of bloggers are travelers and adventurers, wherein they acquire new knowledge about fashion, styles and many other stuff. One of my greatest summer wishlist is to travel Thailand.  Why Thailand? I like the architectural design of their temples plus their unique sense of style. Maybe, I consider Thailand as a paradise for GLAMOROUS and cheap shoes. MUST GO! -

Floral appliqued sand skirt by Oscar dela Renta
Some people will still work during summer specially those government employees and I recommend this fabulous office skirt. Why not make your everyday outfit a little bit of summery and stylish. -
Beaded Bib Necklace from Topshop
Summer means color and style. I think that a gorgeous necklace will make an incredible outfit with this piece.MUST HAVE!
Carolina Espadrille Wedge Sandals
Sky is the limit! Thumbs up for this beautiful wedges. I feel i am a princess when I wear this Gucci espadrille wedge with crystal embellishment and dazzling gold strap:) Perfect for summer party! MUST HAVE! -
ReVive Renewal Travel Collection
Summer means burning. Yeah! i think so:) This luxurious traveling pack will help you to rejuvenate your burned skin during this summer season. This collection includes moisturizing cream for face and eyes, moisturizing renewal serum, gel cleanser, balancing toner and fermitif neck cream (i guess this cream is for neck sagging.) 
Heart Brown Sunglass
Whether it's circle, square, oblong or heart shape. Sunglasses is the first line of defense against summer heat, protecting our eyes and at the same time being stylish. MUST HAVE! - 
Vintage Floral Dress
I am insanely in love with this vintage floral dress. I think this is my top priority when it comes to summer. I am a dressy person and dress for me is my ultimate summer outfit. This is really a must have and this dress should belong to my closet! MUST MUST HAVE! - 
notebook of a fashionista
Maybe one of my addiction is a cute notebook where I can write anything. And one of my criteria in buying notebooks, is that it reflects my personality and the words that I will put inside. Yeah! I am preferring to the cover of the notebook.
A blogger's Guide in increasing knowledge

Tricia G.'s Book of Style
One way to boost up knowledge is to read more books and talk less. Being a blogger, you need to be industrious in reading a lot of information regarding on what you want to write or feature in your site. For me, I am a novice in this field, one of my wish is to increase my knowledge on blogging and of course in fashion and styling. A MUST HAVE! - 
Sharing a little bit of summer dream is fun. Knowing that someday I'll be able to get these stuff (above). And in God's time, I knew that He already wrote a plan for me.  What's your Top Ten for this Summer? Share it with me and I'll be happy to read it.
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