another year older

" Age is just a number "

I think so it is, but it really affects when they' re asking ( and better not answer ) or filling an important document which reminds you that life is short and life is not a problem to be solve, that life is enormous and should be enjoyed.
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"Proud of my make up - finally i made a perfect eyebrow-"
Another year older for me and the happiest moment of life is your birth. And if I will list my accomplishment for the past year, I am proud of all the unforgettable memories. The friends i have met and my new interest in life. The strong relationship I have with my family and to my special someone. 

And it is a blessing that I am going to spend another successful year of my life with the people who dearly loves me. God is good and great. With this coming year, I'll stop dreaming and planning because I want to make those dreams and plans into reality. In His desire and mercy.

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

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