celebrating without a penny

" Count your blessings, not the money to be spent "

Surely, celebrating birthday or any occasion cause a lot of penny and that will add a little bit of wrinkles on your forehead. Now that you are stress and looking forward for an empty wallet, just keep reading the next sentences and I'll give my five simple ways in celebrating my birthday without any price. Yes! Creativity and imagination, cheap, but surely fun too!

1. Throwback 
Find old pictures. When you are baby, when you had your christening, when you had picture with your first crush (puppy love), look for photos with your old friends, class pictures,photos of those places you've already went,find the photos that will make you laugh out loud and remembering those days. I am sure you will smile....
This is the oldest picture I am keeping for the longest time.
This is my pre-school first graduation.
2. Movie Marathon at Home
Simply dim the light and let the movie play on your tv screen. Borrow a cd with a friend or a movie that you already owned. There's no place like home when you are with your family. And celebrating it with them wouldn't cost anything. Just time and happiness.
Yeah! Romantic movie vs. Disney Cartoons...
3.Watch the sunrise and/or sunset with your boyfriend
This is my way of saying "thank you" because another three hundred sixty five days of my life is coming and being with your special someone is so indispensable. For me, watching the sun goes up and goes down means, "through ups and downs of our relationship, I will hold your hands, I won't give up and we will bravely face the world and soar high..no impossibilities and my love will be limitless.."(sounds like I'm super in love)
Breath - taking!

4. Update your status on your social media "it is my birthday"
In this way, your reaching the North and South Pole of the world. Your announcing that on this "day" my mom shouted "doctor! I'm going to gave birth!" or most mom who are in the delivery room curse their husband. I think most mom blame dads for the pain?..why is it like that?! (chuckled-LOL)! Just find the big letter "F" or the blue bird flying.

5. Go to the Church
Praying makes your heart at peace. This is a time for your quiet celebrating with the Almighty. A celebration with the creator. A time for forgiveness, for healing, for giving Him thanks for all the blessing he had showered upon you for the past year of your life. And asking Him again for another twelve months of success and more blessings. A celebration of silentness.

Birthday celebration means a lot, especially that this is your moment. Wether you have the most fabulous and expensive celebration, or just simple ways of celebrating, the  most important thing is  you are happy and thankful. Money does not have to be an obstacle for having a great day!

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