easter happiness

It is difficult to say what is impossible, 
for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

I just had a   dream of pink bunnies (totally stupid dream). And those five bunnies surrounds me giving me colorful eggs which symbolizes my colorful life. Inside the colorful eggs are my five Easter happiness.

The first bunny gave me a handbag which symbolizes my family and friends to carry them with you all through your walks of life.

The second bunny hand me an egg with flat shoes inside. The bunny told me to go where your heart desire, follow every footstep to success but remain flatly humble. 
The third bunny gave me a colorful palette of eyeshadow. And spoke to me " Your eyes can see wonders of the world. It is the window of your soul. "

 The fourth bunny hand me a bright lipstick. And whisper to my ear, " Your lip is just a one fourth part of your body, it is small, yet one word that comes out from it, it can change the world. Make your words as bright as this lip color. "

And the last and fifth bunny touched my night pajama and basic t-shirt and on a second, it turned into a dress. And told me that Life is a like a dress, wear it with confidence.
And they all disappeared.
And I woke up! 

Indeed, life is full of surprises. It isn't fair all the time but it is still good. We're just human, we dream at night (but most in day), we hope every day is a brand new beginnings.

Have a glamorous day!  

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