"Patience is a virtue"

Patience is allowing time to run its course and allowing people, including ourselves, to work and grow at our own pace. Patience moves our minds away from frustrations, expectations or “shoulds” and aligns us with reality. When we are patient, our energy is available to make good things happen.

What does patience looks like in a person? It is when you fall in line and wait for your turn without any agitation. Patience is most simple and essential skills a person must have and yet neglected 
( and ain't easy ).

Sorry for the patch on my knee:(

Patience is a virtue every man and woman should strive to have. Without it things can go terribly wrong, imagine when you're in line and you always wanted to be the first one (maybe all of the people on line will kill you) and at the age of seven, you're already decaying six feet under the ground. 
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CLOSE UP: I personally call it FURNI-SHOES

Those who are impatient waste there lives thinking of tomorrow. Furthermore, many times bad experiences often help build a better character. If you are always rushing through things without sticking around for the results, how can you learn from your mistakes? IMPATIENCE WILL EARN YOU A LOT OF REGRETS IN LIFE.

Patience means it is willing to wait.It means letting go and waiting for the flower to unfold, knowing that it will. If you have to grit your teeth and try to have patience, then you don't have it. Just be willing to wait.



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