forever young

" Stay forever young"

Its been  long time when I have talked with my friend, since we're both busy with our lives we never really have the chance to chat and giggle. We're not really on the same age which is weird because we have different stages of life and of course, different way of thinking.


 She's nearly in  forty's and I am  in twenty's  and I believe that she had experienced a lot of things than me. Honestly, this kind of friendship that I have is very essential to me,not because I feel younger (I really feel that..LO!L) but because she can always give me advices about life, love and people around me. She is my sister, a friend and sometimes a mother. 

Today, we really have the time to chat on Facebook Messenger and it is really sad because we're just forty-five minutes away yet we can't see each other due to work schedule and of course to some legal matters like entry visa because shes' in Bahrain and I'm here in Saudi, which is very near.

True friendship age doesn't matter, and I believe that if we have different circles of friends with different stages of life we learn  a lot of things from them and the same also with us. We stay forever young and sometimes we feel that we grow up because of the friends we have. We feel young when younger friends always tell us "get some party dress and party make - up", and same with the older friends or friends who are already married, they will always tell you " pick up the best loungerie before going to sleep with your husband".  Sounds funny, but its true.

I realize, a person is weak when he/she doesn't have one single friend. Whatever the age,(even six years old) as long as you grow in a positive way, you've got a good true friend. And during tough times, they'll stay at your back, support you and comforts you whenever you need them. Keep that friendship and stay forever young.


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