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I thought it is cool to share my  twenty-sixth year of existence here on earth about my hair story. 

Sometimes there are crazy little things that we do in our lives. Most "crazy little things" are decisions regarding on our hair. I am crazy about my hair, honestly, before going to a salon for a haircut, I'll think about it for two months ( I am quite sure, you do the same.). I search in the net for the latest haircut, the trend hair color and even the nice haircut for my face shape. For me, I don't want to have regrets, i don't want also to tell to my hairstylist that I don't like what he/she did to me. And of course, I don't want also to disappoint myself or anyone because of bad hair all through out the entire year! I know you too. So be careful on what those crazy things you think about your hair before changing anything. Hair does matter, it is our tiara.

Way back five  years ago, "emo" and gothic people are super trend, black eyeliner, black lipstick, black nails and black clothes (Do you still remember?) I won't forget that trend because I am one of the girls who turned myself into one of them. I've been so in love with their hair, it was so cool and lonely, yet stylish. Just like Koreans and Japanese who has the coolest ever hairstyle and color.

It was about a year and half after my Gothic drama when I got this super sweet tweetums hairstyle with matching pinkish blush all over my cheeks. This was taken when I was on duty on psychiatric hospital. After the "emo" thing, I change my image into a sweet and innocent girl which was one of my favorite.

After decades of not visiting the salon for a new hair style. I feel in love with my long straight hair which was really one of the best thing in my entire life. I can curl, then straight, then switch into a simple pony or braid it. Put a ribbon or just simply laid it off. Long hair was the my hairstyle for a century.


When I've decided to travel and work in Arab country, first things first was my hair. People in middle east hide their hair especially women because this is their virginity (sorry for the term). Only their husband, brother or father is the only person who will see their whole face. So, it'll be useless to have a shiny, golden brown, long hair. What's the use? It'll be covered with veil when you go out. So, crazy things run on my brain, I went to the salon, instructed my hairstylist and VIOLA! I am still pretty:)...

Thanks Jeff +Divalicious Salon 
The finish product! Yey!
This would not be the last hairstyle story. There would be, atleast six or ten maybe. Hair is our crown, and we want it to be the most beautiful. We are confident when we know that we wear the best crown in the world...What is your hair diary? Share it and lets make our hairlandia awesome.

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