hijab: fashion inspiration

Ramadan ( the ninth month of Islamic calendar ), it is the month of fasting for our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide. This is the month of scorching heat or dryness. Fasting is obligatory for an adult Muslim except for pregnant women, with severe illness, traveling, with Diabetes, and with on going menstrual period. Muslims are not allowed to eat, to consume foods, drink liquor or water, cigarette smoking, and engaging from sexual activity from dawn until sunset for 29 to 30 days. For the Muslims, typically this month is more on "salat" (prayers) and recitation of Qur'an (Islam bible).

After the  fasting during Ramadan,  all Muslim women are so much excited because it is the time to be glamorous and wear their best party dresses. I just want to share some hijab (literally means scarf or curtain) fashion. Hijab means decency and dress code for women. According to the Qur'an ".and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur over their bosoms...". This means that women should wear a veil or scarf to cover their ears, neck and hair.

Eyes is one of the most important thing for Muslim women. This is the most beautiful part of their make - ip routine because this is the only part that they can expose. (Some women cover their whole face, especially when their husband told them so/ And married women here are not allowed to talk to any other man or even their guy cousins. ) Their eyes are dramatically line their eyes with black eyeliner and also they are very fond of different kind of eye color such as contact lenses. They also emphasize their eyebrows and eyelashes.

During this season, they prepare themselves into "No hair celebration". They often go to salon for waxing and threading. Arab women don't have hair in their arms,and thigh even the thinnest hair in the face should be remove because they call it "haram" and they feel dirty if they have hair. Also guys will not like them if they have hair all over the body.

Many of their luxurious accessories are watch, gold and big rings, shades, awesome bags and expensive shoes. I can say and see that! Muslim women have the most expensive, beautiful and name all the brands of shoes and bag, they got it all (especially the princesses of Saudi). You can even see on their malls how gorgeous these stuffs. 

When I first saw women here, one of the big question mark on my mind is "is their any fashion sense here"? Because all I can see outside (mall, at my work ) are covered with black cloth. But inside that black cloth is a stunning fashion creativity. A very unique and bold outfit ideas. I am amaze by these ladies because they don't have to show a lot of skin and yet they have the fashion, the style and the beauty that everyone in this world should be proud of.  Arab women prove that you can combine the traditional Islamic belief with the modern fashion outfit. I salute!

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