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Eid Mubarak!

Its holiday here in the kingdom of  Arabs, Ramadan is already finished and it's time to party and mad lazy to stay up on bed. Since its holiday, it means no work and no reason not to blog (my apology for not blogging for too long) .Life here in Saudi is far way different to my home country and I'm missing it. But since I'm here and God gave me this blessing, I need to enjoy every small details and each day of my Khobar life.

 Yes! Its pay day..what a very inspiring photo! 
My roommate took this photo ( stolen!). I am seriously checking all the items I have on my basket for a two weeks supply of food. Though , grocery stuff is not new to me anymore its easy for me to manage this kind of chores. I love it when pay day comes!
 And my apology on my quirky look...I should smile..
Grocery stuff here in Al-Khobar is not that cheap and not that expensive also. If you're in the middle class of society, like me, i prefer buying foods that are not imported. Filipino foods here are quite expensive example pancit cantoon (my favorite) which will cost you 1.75 SAR (12.00 php) per piece. But of course, even if it will cost you that much, you will still buy it because your taste buds wants it.
my advice try Saudi products, most of there local products are good and cheap.
 India Garden, in the name itself Indian foods. I will describe what is the taste, spicy spicy spicy and full of  spices, yet delicious. 
Indian Garden Restaurant is still the first restaurant I have explored and I think I should discover more delicacies and cuisines here in Khobar.
 Lights are guide on your way. 
Saudi life is not boring. In fact there are a lot of places you can visit with your friends and colleagues. I was amaze by this light while waiting for a taxi. I think of Christmas in the Philippines. Lights and lanterns and different hues.

When you're away you gain more friends.
These are my new found friends here in Al - Khobar. I meet them through my Doctor and of course common colleagues. Having friends is like having a family when the real ones are away. 
Randoms of Khobar life is good.
God is good.

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