what's about this challenge?

 It is one of the  most viral challenge I've ever heard and read all over the social media. It's been weeks since famous people joining and doing this challenge. So, what's this Ice bucket challenge then?

The Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC), sometimes called ALS Ice bucket challenge is an activity involving ice water on a pale and dumping on someone's head to promote awareness on the disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and encourage donations to research. The challenge should be completed within 24 hours of being challenged, the participant should have a video recording of themselves. And after completing the challenge, they should nominate other participant and if the challenge was not completed, they will donate 100 USD to the organization or they can do both. Do the challenge and at the same time donate.

What is ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) that most famous and celebrities do this challenge for this awareness campaign?  This disease is also referred as motor neurone disease or Lou Gehrig's Disease or Charcot Disease. It is characterized by muscle spasticity which rapidly progressive due to muscle atrophy
dysarthria (difficulty in speaking), dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) and dyspnea (difficulty in breathing).

ALS is one of the most rarely disease but most common motor neuron disease. People of all races and ethnic group are affected by this disease.That's why,in August 2014 charity fund raising was developed for the benefit of the ALS Research Association or the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Ice Bucket Challenge is now viral. Even President Obama was challenged but refuse to do it and so he donated $100 dollars. 

Most of the celebrities do the challenge and some opposed the challenge because of some research that there is an animal cruelty on the ongoing research about the disease. Some people do it for fun and trivial practices only. And medical practitioners warned that this challenge might cause head injury, frostbite, it might also trigger the vagal response which lead to unconsciousness to people taking blood pressure medications. 
Ice Bucket Challenge is one way to create awareness about the rare disease. I think, and in my opinion, this campaign helps a lot. Looking always at the brighter side, people who are not in the medical field will be able to inform themselves about this disease. They will be curious about the viral challenge on social medias, and in that moment, people will gain knowledge. Wether to do or not to do the challenge or to donate or not to donate. The important thing on this challenge is not what we've done or how much we give, by simply understanding the disease, we have already help the organization by spreading not the challenge but the knowledge.

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