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Heyah Lovelies!

Its been a month that  I didn't blog, I don't have any excuses but actually the schedule of my work was different and the time I need to write and talk with you guys was corrupted by sleep. And you know, I am a sleep person and this few weeks was more sleep than awake.

But anyways, I have another Khobar life adventure and this time it's all about the camel. Yes! you read it right, the animal in the dessert with "humps".

They call it Arabian Camel or Dromedaries which have only one hump.The hump stores fat, which a camel can break down into water and energy when sustenance is not available. These humps give camels their legendary ability to travel  without water. Camels rarely sweat, even in desert temperatures, so when they do take in fluids they can conserve them for long periods of time. In winter, even desert plants may hold enough moisture to allow a camel to live without water for several weeks.When camels do refill, however, they soak up water like a sponge. A very thirsty animal can drink 30 gallons of water in only 13 minutes. Amazing!

Other adaptations help dromedaries thrive in desert conditions. Their nostrils close to keep sand at bay, and they have bushy eyebrows and two rows of long eyelashes to protect their eyes. Large, tough lips enable them to pick at dry and thorny desert vegetation. Big, thick footpads help them navigate the rough rocky terrain and shifting desert sands.

As a expat in this country, Saudi is a camel land, I am really excited to share with you that at last, I was able to ride and to have picture with this amazing animal. While looking at this creature and observing what it does. I am thinking that it is the only animal that kneels in front of you for you to ride on its back ( or maybe there are some other animals too that will kneel but you can't ride at their back). And what amazes me is that, you were like a princess when it knelt and then offering itself for you. An animal that has humbleness, even if its knees have already callouses, it'll kneel in front of you. It was a great experience!

What makes this Aziziah adventure exciting are your companions, your most valued friends and roommates. Full of positive and happy thoughts. A moment you will remember every single day of your life. And an inspiring story of the humble heart of a camel. We are filled with God's grace, blessing and heart -filled gratitude.

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