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Being in my 20's is probably one of the most exciting, fun and adventurous part of my life. And if your on 20's right at this moment, enjoy life and always love it. Remember that you can never turn back the time and it won't stop.

When I was a teenager I'll always wanted to be an adult because I think being in adulthood stage is awesome and you have freedom. You have your own life, and your are not controlled by your parents anymore. I wanted to dye my hair, put a red lipstick and change my nail colors everyday. When I was in high school, sitting on the classroom while my teacher was talking about Algebra ( a part of a difficult mathematics subject), I imagined my self  be on 30's as fast as it could. Imagining, I'll be sitting on a office desk, having my own office computer, a picture frame of me and my husband, wearing a pink or gray blazer and signing a lot of papers for approval. And after work, my husband will fetch me using our own black car and we will eat our dinner outside, after a happy tummy we will go home. And oh I forgot, I am already 6 months pregnant by that time. And the clouds suddenly disappeared and my teacher called my name!

It is already half a decades ago when I leave my seat and stop imagining, and deal with the real life of an adulthood, of becoming near on my 30's. Partly scared, and happy but still thankful for the blessings. And while I'm on my 20's (26th - to be exact), I need to live, love, and laugh to the fullest. I'll be very wild, crazy and enjoy to the best that I can be.
Beanie: Forever21/ Sunglass: SM Dept Store/ Dress: NewLook/ Stocking: New Look/ Oxford: City Max

And I just want to share with you my 30 ways to live my life to the fullest before my 30. I will not expound each so that it'll not be too long. Here is it!

1. Travel a lot. Asian countries to be specific. I have been to Thailand, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi (Middle East) and I am currently here in Saudi Arabia working as nurse.

2. Experience lantern parade and hot air balloon festival. Pampanga is just 2 -3 hours drive from home and they celebrate this  festival annually and yet I haven't seen this festival.

3. Meet and greet with my favorite you tube beauty and fashion gurus such as Jenn, Bethany Mota, Zoella, Dulce Candy, Blair Fowler, Say, Liz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian, as well as Filipina bloggers around the world.

4. A surprise vacation trip for a week to any place and a surprise wedding proposal from my boyfriend. Who doesn't love that?!

5. Volunteer for a charity. I want to spend my weekend into different charities as a payback for all the blessings I have.

6. Splurge myself into a designer shoes, bag and high end make up that I know its difficult to buy because it is expensive. But in Gods time I will have those.

7. Learn how to swim effectively, I know! I am too old for this and even a 6 years old knows how to swim. I think its not too late, as long as your willing to learn it'll be very easy.

8. Attend and experience the "Simbang Gabi" during christmas season. I haven't experience this even once. First reason is I am too timid to get up in bed earlier than the sun, second, cold water for shower, and third I don't have any companion because my sister and brother is still sleeping.

9. Splurge my salary on a thrift finds, and buy antique goodies.

10. Be a good make up artist and fashion guru. I am trying to learn step by step process thru watching you tube and I need to learn more!

11. Go camping. One reason i don't like this thing is because I have a toilet issue problem. I hate dirty and unhygienic bathrooms. I can't imagine how will I pee or eliminate my waste on a piece of hole.

12. Ride on a helicopter and rove around the sky.I will take a lot of pictures from up above.

13. Collect various limited edition beauty essentials.

14. Visit Hello Kitty in Disney Land.

15. Stay and sleep on a five star hotel in Metro. and experience the luxury of it.

16. Read the bible from Genesis until Revelation. I think this is a must to every human being. Whatever your status in life, we need to build a strong relationship with our Creator and Saviour.

17. Dine in into a luxurious and expensive restaurant around Metro and eat different kind of cuisine. With a personal waitress/waiter and will ask me " Any dessert Madam?"

18. Be an interior designer on my own house/room.

19. Fix my teeth. Now, I have already braces and in two years, I am looking forward to a greater and brighter smile. Thanks to my dentist, she patiently check my teeth monthly and asking, "Is ist already straight?".

20. Learn how to bake cake and pastries. Learn also how to cook different kinds viands. I think this is essential to every woman, especially when you are planning to have a family. Remember, cooking is a talent! and stomach is the easiest way into a guys heart.

21. Go zip-line and rappelling adventures. I am not a sporty and adventurous chic, because I'm too scared to have scratches and bruises. But because I cannot do this when I'm old, i think its about time to face my fears.

22. To be consistent in blogging. There is no place like blogging. And for me to be able to be consistent, time management and discipline must be my priority.

23. Find a blog buddy. A best friend during fashion shoot, make up shoot and ideas. Two head is better than one.I believe that to be a successful blogger, you need someone who will help and criticize your work with honesty and truth. Can you be my blog buddy??

24. Buy my own domain for my blog in the near future.

25. Attend to a huge worship prayer. I am really curious about it, and what are those people doing inside a huge dome in Araneta during worship prayer.

26. Eat exotic food. Yeah! why not try a different taste for my buds. When cockroaches and rats are edible nowadays.

27. Write a letter to my parents and tell them how I appreciate and love them. I will write how bless I am to have them as my parent and trusted friends and tell them how sorry I am for all the things that I have and haven't done. And read it during my wedding day at the altar with my husband -to be.

28. Give my mom/dad a special gift on their 10th anniversary. And i don't know when is that? LOL!

29. Receive the blessing from my dad that he may accept my boyfriend. Its like the song "why you gotta be so rude?" by magic. A song which is lovely dedicated to my dad.

30. Buy a house and buy my own car. I may be too ambitious, but who knows? I might have these and make it in reality. Theres nothing wrong in dreaming and planning for it, right?

Beanie: Forever21/ Sunglass: SM Dept Store/ Dress: NewLook/ Stocking: New Look/ Oxford: City Max

I will draw a positive thoughts in my mind for me to be able to accomplish all of these 30 things. Focus and aim for the gold. I will update these list from time to time as soon as I accomplished all of them. I may be expecting too much in the future but who knows? God is merciful and giving. He might not answer my prayers today, but I know, His plans are greater than my own plans.

Have a happy day!

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