what would shirley wear?

Its been three consecutive days watching Jenn Im in you tube, a fashion and beauty guru which happen to be one of my favorite. I was inspired by her to learn more and dare to be unique. She is totally perfect and she inspires me a lot to be creative. Check her out in you tube (clothes encounter), you will surely love her!


Since I am full of inspiration at this moment. My neurons are energized and both hemisphere of my brains are working,I want to create a blog for an awesome friend. I want to grab the opportunity to ask my ever supportive room mate, Shirley. This would be her segment and I would like to thank her.

What would Shirley wear? 

1. If she was the present Sailormoon?

 Everyone knows the Japanese cartoon Sailor moon and her cute school girl uniform. Together with her friends and the talking cat, they save the world from bad people with their awesome powers. And this is her version of it.

Outfit Details:
Top - H&M
Skirt - Red Tag Shop
Knee High Sock - Forever 21
Sneaker Wedge - Debenhams

2. If she could have one comfortable dress in one day?

She practically wear a light material which is made from cotton. A dress with two pockets on it to put two things, her phone and a money. The details of the dress makes her feminine which are small daises print on it. She match the color of her dress with a red pair of sandals with silver chain details.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Forever 21
Sandals -Koton

3. If she will buy a "buy one take one", what would she take?

 Shirley will take a leopard printed maxi dress. I asked her why? She answered me like this "it is the first thing that caught my attention". Well, why not. Leopard print is a sophisticated look. It is one of the most versatile print of all season. 

Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress - New Look
Wedge - Thrift Shop
Sunglass - Thrift Shop

As a human being, we are able to express our gratitude to those people who inspires us to become innovative in every little way. We give appreciation to those people who inspires us to create more. Sometimes we are depressed and our energy is low, but always remember that we are lucky. God has always plan for you. Be patient, just be patient. Make God an inspiration, be inspire everyday and be an inspiration to others, not to idolize you but for you to help them also to create little things that will make a big difference in their life.

I hope you will had a great day! And let me know if you want more "What would Shirley Wear" segment. Leave your comment below or questions. And we will do our best to blog more!

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