Random: Filipino Community Day

Time flies so fast.

 Its been seven months since I left Philippines and work here in Saudi. For a couple of months, living with the Islamic traditions and culture was not really easy. You to accustomed your self with it because you're an alien in this country. But so far, so good.

Last Friday, I joined the Filipino Community day this year here in Dammam, held at Cobra Amusement park. Its good to know that there is a celebration like this here and it ease my homesickness a little bit. I was shocked! to be greatly honest, there are thousands of filipino live here in KSA, some of them have their families here, stayed for almost decades and  they said that they love Saudi though they also miss their native land.

 Gary V. is the guest artist of this event. He is damn pretty handsome and young at his 50s. He entertained us very well, sing great songs from old to new generation of music and he dance gracefully. As a result, I party that day ( a dayclub party) .I enjoyed a lot!
 It is not an amusement park if there's no ice cream and rides! Yes! I struggle to the beam of the sun just to ride on a skyscraper. Its a bam! experience...I get dizzy.

 I am enjoying at least a day without my abaya. What wear is one of the most comfortable clothes I have in my closet.

 And what is enjoyment without friends with you, right...I had a great Friday! I hope you had too!

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