year starter 2015

Last year was lame (i thought). I set  million goals to achieve, and few of them was to train myself to become a morning person. I wanted to wake up early, and feel the morning breeze. I wanted to look at the window and hear the chirping birds on the tree branch. I wanted also to see the dew drops falling on the leaves. I wanted to feel the heat of the sun during those time. But luckily, it was unsuccessful. 

I don't have any sleeping pattern problem, or waking up during dawn (except when I want to pee). Waking up so early is so frustrating, right? I mean, who doesn't want the "five-minutes-more-please" and turn off the alarm? Lets be honest in here, morning is not fun when you're jumble and cramming about breakfast, uniform issue and of course, bathroom issue. 

And because its the end of the first month of year 2015, I decided that I was going to become a morning person, this is real!Maybe for you 7:15 is early, but damn! you're right it is early for any normal day! But, i'm telling you, when you're working abroad, it's too late. Imagine the Pinoy Big Brother House with just two bathroom, 1 kitchen, and lots of women ( 15-18 person) in one roof. It is a disaster! How will you enjoy your morning? if you can't even do the early-wake up-routine?

Here are some of my technique to enjoy your morning and be inspired  be a Morning person everyday. Some may not be applicable to you but you can consider it..

Reset your body clock.
In order to  wake up early, you need to have enough rest and sleep, obviously. Our bodies are programmed to meet a certain amount of hours of sleep. But it depends on each person. Some people needs 8-10 hours of sleep for them to function very well. Some needs 5-7 hours of sleep for them to kick the day right. Make it a habit to have enough sleep and rest. If you can't sleep early, count stars on your head, listen to instrumental music, read desirable books and lastly don't drink caffeinated beverages.

Wake up when it beeps!
Annoying beeps! I really hate beep beep! But yeah, for you to be a morning junkie, GET UP WHEN THE ALARM BEEPS! I know the "snooze" and "dismiss" pop up on the screen of your phone. Its either dismiss it and sleep more. Or dismiss it and get up or snooze for 5 more minutes of sleep. Please! Come on! that's why alarm clock are invented for us to get up. BUT to be honest, I always choose the "dismiss and 5 more minutes" LOL.So break the habit, When you hear the alarm,  say this mantra "YOU MUST GET UP NOW!" 

Organize something to do everyday and be inspired
For me to be able to get up on bed and make my day right and kick some timidity on my system, I read inspirational and bible quotes. I downloaded apps on my phone and I personally LOVE this thing every morning. I do it religiously, I read inspirational or bible messages to start my day right. The routine serves as a reminder for me everyday that Life is beautiful and there's a lot to be thankful of. And sometimes also, shit happens and Life always pushes you to keep forward positively and in Gods way.

Think breakfast  and prepare your things in advance
 Breakfast- I imagine it like this " a 3 pieces of pancake with cinnamon syrup and butter, with a banana and strawberry fruit on side dish, a glass of orange/mango juice, a slice of bread, ham and bacon". In reality, a slice of bread with nutella or peanut butter spread and a hot coffee or chocolate drink. Think of a nice breakfast ahead of time, make it delicious and tasteful. There's no one will enjoy that morning, its only you. Eat superb food during mornings because it is the start of the day. Prepare your clothes, iron it before you sleep or make an schedule. For example, Tuesday is my washing day, Wednesday is my iron day, Thursday is my rest day and Friday is my sleep all day or church day. Time table is also a must. Set specific and attainable short goals at least a day. 

Rest assured, I am doing these things personally and I admit it's hard to wake up very early. Its difficult to maintain specially when I am tired but I need and have to do it.No one is responsible for a happy morning except myself only. I believe that early bird catches early worm and early me eat good breakfast and wear an ironed uniform. An early me throw a happy feet everyday  and every morning!

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