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Being versatile means you can do multitasking. Being versatile means you are flexible. Being versatile is adaptable. Being multifaceted. Being inconstant and changeable. 

Yeah! I guess I am a versatile person. Sometimes undecided too. But anyways, thank you so much Ms. Lou of  Live, Love and Lou blog  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. 

10 Random Facts About Me: 

1.  I am a frustrated OB-GYNE doctor, a fashion designer, a writer and a traveler.(All are frustration).
2. I love spicy foods.
3. I hate cats specially when they try to steal my food.
4. My favorite past time is sleeping, watching Fliptop Battles, and leaning my two feet on the wall.
5. I laugh out loud (literally).
6.  I eat anything except Tilapia and Hito.
7. The first book I've read was Nancy Drew Adventures.
8. I am a dreamer (day and night), a planner (I hoard planner notebooks) and a doer-less.
9.  I am the eldest among six siblings. And my lil' bro's and sissy's are more mature than me. 
10.  I don't have a pet.

I don't have any nominees for now, anyone can do the chain.
Thank you again for the nomination.


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