The Blue Print

May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed” - Psalm 20:4

Its been a quiet moment here in the room, everybody’s busy on their own Facebook status, and this is the opportunity to have a calm spirit and reflect on todays phenomenon. Generally speaking, its been a busy night duty. I came home late and of course exhausted.As I look up the ceiling, I began to preoccupy my thoughts with “how will I spend my time when I got home. Yes! Philippines here I come”. I guess having blue prints on my mind helps me to relax a little bit and forget about todays work. I imagine how my days will be spend in my hometown. The concept will be a stressless and more sleep , more selfies, more laugh, more positivity and more travels vacation.

I will eat my best-loved viand and delicacies. I will stay on bed the entire day. I will also do a full body massage just to relax those worn out muscles after 2 years of work. The salon missed me already, so I need to visit that place too. And study for my upcoming “back to school” plan. Yeah, you read it right, Im planning to go back to school for allowance purposes. Im just kidding. But for sure I will have my daily expenses aside from my semestral tuition fee ( which will be one of the biggest challenge of my financial manager. Haha!).  

I’ll be having a date to myself . (what a selfish jerk!). Of course, a million of selfies with my father when he got home from work. A bunch of chitchats with my siblings and laugh with my baby Mc Jlord and play with my nephews. I’ll be a kid for sometime and be a sister and daughter most of the time. And be just me all of the time.(LOLS)!

I’ll be visiting a christian church and join their fellowship as much as possible. One of my dream is to visit CCF, really! An ultimate reality is to have the best date to my Saviour. To thank Him and to cherish and reminisce every moment that I have here in KSA and to build a new journey with Him in my own country. As when we walk with Him, we reach our destination, never too late and never too early.

Its like this night is not actually a calm moment because I am giving myself a bunch of stressful ideas and expenses. Anyhow, this plan will be just a plan and will be just a wish if it will not happen (cross finger.) And it will be just a proposition if it will not accomplish. I have a lot of plans, a plan to go wherever I want to go, whenever the time possible and whoever I want to be with,and of course, His plan is still greater than my plan. I desire all of these but His desire for me are still the best. I just got two choices, stick to my blue print or go with God’s blue print...

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