5BC: belief

Belief - a word that expresses of who you are and what you really are.Belief of something or someone or phenomenons may determine your personality. How do I knew that? Its simple, if you believe on to something/someone/event, you hold on to that stuff. You will always make it possible or impossible on certain things that you really believe in. It is one of the basic component of an individual that builds up his/her characteristic. And my belief may not be the same as yours, you know, we live in different places with deifferent cultures and traditions and of course different parents. 

Belief is your personal conviction. In your heart, soul and mind, you are convinced that your belief is true and right.

I believe on things on certain ways. Okey, so where will I start?

1. God is true. Jesus is the son of God. He was crucified and rose again. The Bible is the word of God. He is love, peace and joy. He created the Universe and He own everything. And we owe everything to Him.

2. Family will never leave you no matter what. There's no perfect family relationship, but blood is thicker than water.

3. My brain cells work at dawn and I can be awake for 15 hours. I believe I am an owl. Night person.

4.  Humans have hundreds of emotions.  Though we are humans, we can always relate to the emotions of animals.

5.  I believe that woman can live without a man, but a man without a woman is seemingly hopeless. I still believe in gender equality.

6. Love of Money is the root of all evil in the world. 

7.  Pride and Unforgiveness is the silent posion in our lives.

8. Introverts are not anti-social. They just love silence. They express their thoughts thru writing, playing musical instruments, reading, and observing everything. They're like spy.

9. Apple Gadgets are one of the best tech. Thanks to Steve Jobs.

10. Humans nature, no contentment. When we will be get enough? I dont know.

11. Lemons are the best. Chilli are the best. Cucumber are the best. 

12. I believe that I locana's are not "kuripot", we are thrifty. Thats the correct term for it. 

13. Being a mom is a tough job, you can never quit or resign. 

14. Raising a baby is har, but raising a parent is harder.

15. Work hard, play harder. Enjoy life. Don't stuck yourself in one place, go and explore. We are meant to soar higher. Dream Big! Grab it while we can. 

16. Babies make the home happy. Tooddler make the home messy. Adolescence make it more fuller (peers and friends at home). Old age, make home good and fun memories.

On this vast world and fast changing society, our beliefs may always change.Its either we add or disregard some of our beliefs.  Somehow our belief affects also others, we may influence them or vice versa.  However, there are belief that becomes our habit and it becomes our character. And it will show in our action.

There are certain things that I believe but most of them, and I guess you might probably agree. And of course, I don't want to explain the theory about it, I don't want an argument. 

Always think that belief can be your attitude to action to result. Your belief composes YOU. Your belief is your LIFE.      BE LIFE!


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