how I have change for the past 2 years

All things in this world will change, everyone will change, its either for better or bitter, its a choice but surely there is no permanent thing except for change. I was able to meditate about my life two years ago and truly, I am grateful. 

Once upon a time, I was a girl who came from Bahrain and went back to Philippines due to some personal problems and family health issues. It was a happy decision to go home and settle in Philippines for atleast a couple of months. But as the months went by, I felt so empty, aside from my bank account were empty, I felt I am useless because Im just staying at home and I can't help to pay bills. I have decided to find job that fits me, where I can practice my field as a nurse. During those days of job hunting, I was so exhausted and drained. I always caught myself day dreaming during those travels from our province to Manila. It seems like  it is an endless passing of resume from one company to the other, and interview from one agency to the next. I remembered that I also find myself on a computer shop, editing my curricum vitae, and photocopies of my documents. I guess a lot of trees were cut because of my job hunting.

And after all the tiring travels and interviews, at last, my blunted shoes paid off. I was hired as a dental nurse in Saudi at Ram Dental Care. Remembering my first flight to Bangkok, Thailand, it was a huge airport. I roammed inside the airport, ate at the foodcourt, meet and learned Thai language. I t was an awesome stay at the airport of Thailand. It took us hours before we arrived at Saudi and finally, as I stepped out of the plane and get into the bus to take us to the airport of Dammam, its super hot. 

Together with my new friends and currently my roommates, we arrived safely in our accomodation and after the trip, we're all deep rest to bed.

Staying here in Saudi for two years and two months, I can say that I have changed a lot. I learned new things and acquired good attitude.  I have been careful about my words, though I am still sarcastic and mean, I can control it for quite some times. I knew I have changed on the way I talk to people, and I am more approachable now than before (I guess). I've learned how to quiet my self, to meditate and to calm down whenever theres a stressor. I am still careless and clumsy, which is my nature.

My Saudi experience is exquisite. I can't exchange it to Bahrain or Philippines experiences. Saudi Arabia changed me a lot, most are for my best interest. This two years journey are the best. Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. 

I met Jesus Christ. I met different people from Philippines (Ilongga, Davaoenia, Igorot, Cavitenia)  and heard their native languages. I am able to listen to their stories and experiences which give me ideas and change my whole perspective about these kind of people. Though I am an introvert type of person, I was able to share some of my experiences to them as well. I have been open-minded to new cultures, traditions and belief. 

I am very thankful that I have change a lot for the past two years of my life for the best. There are still a lot more to change but atleast theres an improvement. And this change happen only by the grace of our Sovereign God. 


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