the one that got away

(The Termination of all Biological Function that Sustain an Organism).

When I heard or read these words it is unpleasant or sad especially if we are going through such phenomenon.  It is one of the most heartbreaking event to a ones' life, not the one that got away but the love ones who is grieving to his/her loss. We all know that we are going to that same pattern, but we don't know when, where, and how. And the only thing we know about our life, everything is temporary, and everything will come to an end.

It was June 6, 2016 - the death of my grandmother (mother side). She was strong and very outspoken woman. She is a lola who is liberated. A mother of 12 siblings, a wife to my lolo and when he died, a brave widow. 

Looking at my Grandma and my mama, they have similarity in face (of course), similarity in the way they discipline their children ( mabunganga, matalak) I don't really know if it's really normal to a mother to be like that. They both sacrifice their professional growth, their chosen career for the sake of being a good and loving mother. When she's still alive, she's always telling me that she wants a perfume, so I bought her a perfume, which I will not smell her today. She also a lola who comments a lot whenever she saw me wearing a short short and would tell " May future ka sa bold star" . When I remember her that comment, I smile. She's mean (haha).

Her death means a lot to me, not because she's gone but because my lola left me something that imperishable, a lesson in life. Our clan is not spiritually educated, it is a broken family with so many issues. A family that only knows God but doesn't have intimate relationship to the Holy God of Heaven and Earth. A family who gathers only when someone is dead. A sad thing but it is true. And the legacy of my lola's death, that God imprinted  on my heart, is to impart His words to the family. Everything is important but not all are beneficial. We can all have the treasures and possesions on earth but if we live a life without the Creator of the Universe, life is meaningless, so our death.

For me, death is the beginning of a new life not here on earth but on heaven. No more tears, pain, sorrow or death. And I believe, that God already prepared a room for everyone who believe in the name of His Son, a room only for us in heaven. 

I know that she's now at peace and resting with our Almighty God. She is now celebrating the eternal life. So long Nanang Conching, see you soon.

 "Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: 
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them." - Rev 14:13


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