parting time

I was scrolling on my photos saved in my computer and came across our send off party and birthday celebration of one our brethren. I t was a blast, and indeed a victorious one. The sumptious foods, from fish to veggies up to desert was superb. We had also come up with games and it was a total fun-filled day for all of us. Although, one of our brethren will be back soon to our homeland (Philippines), we can't contain the happiness in our hearts. As the saying goes, "its not a goodbye but see you soon". 

Amazing things happen when we expect it to be happy, with overflowingly joy and hope that everything will be okey.  People come and go, sometimes we need to part ways for us to be able to ful fill the purpose of God in us. We are not comfortable to the unknown and unspecific. We are frightened by many factors like the mentality of "what if"? or the mentality of "not - on - my-plan". Sometimes God will remove you in your comfort zone and He allow us to explore outside the box. Sometimes, He remove certain people in our lives for us to grow with Him and increase our trust and faith in Him. 

Parting time may come, wether to our favorite place, or to a job or to our close friends, one thing is for sure, God never ever think that He will depart from you. He loves you and me. He wants us to depart because He exactly know your life. It may sound so scary and confusing, but He has the best interest in us. God will reveal His plan, when we trust and obey. And miracles happen when we least expect it, God moves mountain.

Going outside our box/shell is one of the scariest thing that we can feel and its okey, but with a great God and tremendous faith in Him. Our unknown journey will be abundantly blessed because His presence is with us.



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