deliciously French

" Bread like a stone, but deliciously French." 

Eating on a fine dining reataurant is one my stomach goal and able to taste a different cuisine. Paul Restaurant is one of the French restaurant known, not only in Europe but also here in Saudi Arabia. Its home-styled interior ambience and the freshly baked bread and pastries are one of my favorite. 

Last Friday, we have an unplanned dinner at Paul, Dahran Mall, our first plan was to eat at Jollibee (the filipino restaurant) because we are craving for a halo-halo and burger but one of our friend invites us to just spend the night at the restaurant as a celebration of Clair's birthday as well. It was kuya Lando, Clair and Bea 's first visit at Paul and they are overwhelmed by the service of the staff and also the mouth-watering foods.

Two of my greatest challenge on a fine dinning restaurant is the menu, specifically the right side which is the price (you know), second is the name of cuisine because it is written in French its hard to read and the pronunciation might be wrong, good thing that it has pictures and I will just point the photo to the waiter without any hassle. So, I really don't have any idea about the names of the food that we ate that night but seriously, they are definitely best.

Let's start with the soup, I ordered chicken and mushroom soup and tasted the brocoli soup. I wiggled from my sit when I've tasted them both, in my own taste bud, the chicken and mushroom soup is brackish, which is very perfect for the bread while the other soup is creamy and there's the aftertaste of brocoli. What is very interesting is the container of the soup and salad, it is made up of bread itself. The appetizers are superb, the salad and bread was appealing to my buds. Though they serve the bread cold, it is perfecty fine with soup. 

Our main course was pasta, it was savory and ambroisal. It is not only delectable to my eyes but also to our buds. The pasta was mediumly cooked, though the sauce is a little sour because of the tomato paste (maybe). But overall, the main course was divine. 

The drinks are overwhelmingly healthy, balsalmic and fresh. From right is the carrot juice, mango juice, orange juice and mix (kiwi,mango and strawberry).  And the most awaited part is the dessert, YES! a wild berry cake. Dulce! This cake is heaven. My gustatory was really rushing to this cake. the bread of the cake was smooth and soft. It is an extraordinary cake because the icing was minimal and it has a fruity toppings. It is scrumptious! 

The foodtrip was solved! We are blessed that we are able to eat on a French dining restaurant and the priviledged to taste an excellent dishes. The choice of food was perfect and the crew were friendly and really assistive. I really have a full tummygoal that evening. But the best thing about foodtripping is the people with you at the table. Good friends keep extravagantly best food on the table. I will surely recommend Paul Restaurant for your next French foodtrip. 


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