the reef

I'm sleepy at this moment but I tried not to because I need to accomplish somethings for me to be able to move forward on my study. While waiting for the 6:30 pm shower experience, I was doing research on how butterflies evolve. Actually, my post is not about butterflies, I am just curious about their evolution on how they had a perfect and colorful wings which to be happened that my music as of the moment entitled "Wings" by Little Mix. What a coincidence!

It was four years ago when I worked at Universal  College of ParaƱaque as an Instructor/Faculty and its a bit of an experience teaching and cramming on my lessons. I don't have any experience in teaching, neither handling students with my same age or older than me. Most of my students don't call me "Ma'am" instead they call me "Miss Kim" which I prefer because the latter is more appropriate to my height and to my face (hahaha!). 

Being a teacher is a hard profession, and mind you, I never imagined myself to be a teacher/instructor because I am not patient enough to explain stuff and I am not sure if what I am talking about is right or wrong. I am conscious if what I just explained to others is true or not even if its in the book. Im kind of scared and doubtful about what Im saying.  Thats the reason why I didn't pursue the teaching degree which my mama told me because she's a teacher. I believe its not in my blood to teach and be a teaher like her.

University is one of the most busiest business, enrollment, examination, grades, salary of administration and non- teaching staff and inventories and of course, surprise visit of the department of education. The participation of teachers on the activities of the university is a great help for the university to function and as a payment for their major contribution, teachers deserve a tremendous treat. And me, as part of the teaching staff of the university, I was able to experience the fullness of being a teacher not only on doing lessons, talking in front of students, computing grades (doing some add ons on their grades) , explaining to parents why and how their sons and daughters in school and doing research on how to become a better teacher to students as well (since I don't have that much experience). I enjoyed the free trips,  and free outside school activities . As a teacher/instructor, learning is not only in books, learning has a broad range of topics not only the subjects that we already knew. For me, going outside the premise of a book and the four-cornered room are one of the best experience being a teacher/instructor. It is also a way of relaxing and wander. It is a way of getting to know your co-teachers and the non- teaching staff in the university.

Though, I enjoyed teaching, mingling to students and the company of my new-found friends at the university, I left my job not because I am not happy but because of greener-pasteur. Let's not be hypocrite, teachers have a low salary.  But then, if you found a purpose in what you are doing, why not stay. Purpose is the reason why we journey and passion is the fire that lights the way. 

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