why demotivated?

"I was inspired by your stories" this phrase echoed on my thoughts. 

Kristine and I, we're in the van when we talked about her friend's travel passion. I am moved by what she told me and I am impressed about her friend's passion on traveling to places. Sometimes, I felt I am "stuck" on this place and on what I do everyday. Its like you know life could be better but either don't know what specifically, or you know what but you don't know how to change it.

When I was still in my grade school, I am really fascinated on my dad's work because he always go to different countries and I was inspired by him that when I grow up I want to be like him, working while travelling across different countries and too much stamp on passport as well. But then, life is like this, you don't know what lies ahead of you. And I end up being here in Saudi Arabia for about two years and four months, and life here is routinary which makes you feel bored and demotivated for sometime.

Lack of motivation comes from either one or both. First, the lack of exciting goals or dreams - something to work toward and second, lack of hope - you might have a dream but feel little or no hope in achieving it. 

After that meaningful conversation with my colleague, I felt the optimistic energy rush on my nerve. What would I do to feel motivated? While writing this post, I envision my self being a medical doctor, exploring different countries of the world, playing drums and blogging about it. When I am alone, I usually ask myself, "why I want to be a doctor? Is it in my blood to care and preserve life? Is it needed for me to become a doctor when I am already a nurse? How will I travel and explore the world if I will enter into a medical school? How will I travel when a life of a doctor is hospital? Is blogging and drumming ,a hobby, a passion? What drives me to become a doctor, a traveler, a drummer and  a blogger? Will I find a meaningful life in being a doctor, a traveler, a drummer or blogger? Will I create a motivated life on these dreams?"

First, create a dream  - not during sleeping or atleast a goal. Goals might be a short term goal or long term goal. A goal for your entire life or in specific areas of life such as relationships, health, hobbies, finances, spiritual aspect, or personal development. Envision what would you like your life or areas of life to look like. What would you and me change? What problems would we solve to reach that dream? What would you like more of? or less of? And once we made these change or additions - how would we feel? Creating our ultimate dream is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Our values should be aligned in our goals. We need to discern our priorities and the things most important to us, the things we need to experience regularly to feel fulfilled. And last, dreams/goals must be purposeful. Meaningful.  The moment we give vision meaning, a purpose higher than just ourself, we'll find nothing will stand in our way to achieve it. The key to being motivated is we have to believe we can reach the summit of our dreams. Life might throw a curveball which could force us to change a little bit of our path, but we know that the Soverienity of the Ultimate Planner of our Life - our Holy God, will bring you to where He designed you to be. 

Be kind to yourself and to everyone. Be flexible and be smart. Never settle for mediocrity. We just have one life here on earth, get your dreams, and make sure, choose, and stand firm to make it a great one. We can make it, all by God's saving grace and will. 


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