Day 1: How I spend My Eid Holiday

Eid Mubarak/ul- Adha/ul-Fitr glams!

It is a traditional Muslim greetings reserved for festivals. "Eid" means celebration/occassion and "Mubarak" means blessed. To our Muslim brothers and sisters, this celebration is valuable to them and of course to expats because this means blessed vacation.

Our company gave us six days of non-working holiday including Friday, from September 9 until September 14 and on Thursday will be the resume of work. This is my moment to take a rest and review, fortunately, I spend my first day of Eid at S&L house and attend on our seminar/lecture regarding on Keys for Better Preaching. 

I am not a preacher but the lesson was helpful for us members in the near future. We don't know, one of our members will be a preacher someday, well atleast he have already an idea on how to preach effectively. The jest of the discussion was about the difference of teaching and preaching. The lecture also tackles about the components of a good preach and how should a preacher act, talk and dress in front of his/her listener. Most importantly, the preparation of mind, heart and the annointing of the Holy Spirit in him/her. There is no formula in obtaining annointing because this is a free gift from God. A sermon will be powerful and effective if the listeners' heart and mind was touched and they practice in real life what they hear from you. 

There are a lot of good preachers in the world. But mind you, be careful, on the things you are listening to. You have to discern the true and false preaching. People are easily amazed by flowery words which tend to be not from the bible. Some preachers, deliver a sermon not from the Bible, some are deceits coming from the world. Do not beleive in every spirit, you have to test the spirit if its coming from God because many are false prophets have gone out to the world and mind you, Satan can also be a preacher. You have to  research  on your own about the sermon if you are in doubt. Its better to open your bible while listening to the sermon, it will help you to determine the authenticity of the sermon. 

After the lecture, we have fellowship with the brethren. We sing a song to the Lord and enjoy all of his provisions. We rejoice with His presence before, during and after the lecture. Despite of not able to take a rest physically, I was able to enjoy the company of my brethrens and feed my spiritual thoughts. There's no amount of joy could measure if you are with our Holy Father. 

After the seminar, Clair and I decided to go to Khobar Mall to shop for a shoes for his son and for me, to buy a luggage bag for my upcoming vacation. its almost dark when we arrived at the mall and its prayer time so we just sit down and wait for the shops to open.  When the prayer time was finished, we started the hunt, and yep, we spend most of our time digging to sales and special offers. At the end of our mall tour, Clair bought stuff for his son and I got fifteen pieces of clothes, one pair of sneakers and a luggage. So the mission was fulfilled but our pockets were empty. But the price of the clothes at Khobar Mall, its not that bad compare to other malls. Though, I spend too much, I think its all worth it.

To sum it up, my first day of holiday was fruitful and the name of the Lord was glorified and exalted. 


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