Day 4: How I spend my Eid Holiday

"Once a year go someplace you've never been before."

Goodmorning sunshine! It was a great day for all of us. We had a blast for our 3rd day in Riyadh. All of us were exhausted physicaly. We woke up late that morning and had a superb breakfast, a pandesal and cup of coffee. We have decided to go to the museum to checked what time it will open because this is the official day( 13th of September ) of Holiday for our Muslim brothers and sisters.  

We went for road trip and again, it was indeed a sunny day outside perfect for roaming around the city. When we arrived at the museum, it was huge. The guard told us that it will open at four in the afternoon so we got home take some nap and eat our lunch and decided to come back in the afternoon. We had a tremendous laugh while we were in the living room. Different stories and experiences were shared, blessings and struggles about love and life were the topic among the group.

We have set the time and our itinerary, at exactly 1:30 pm we locked the house and we drove the car to a place called "The Old Castle" or Al Diriyah. Going to Al Diriyah was tricky, there was a lot of skyways and round-abouts. Despite of the long drive, the trip was still at its best. We stopped for a while to take some photos. We enter unknown gates and went back and forth to see ruins of old castles.  When we finally saw what were looking for, it was indeed breathtaking. 

The ruins are made up of mud/clay and hay.
Ruins in Al Diriyah

Part of the Old Castle/Palace
The Al - Diriyah on its old and new form was magnificient. I took many photos as I can, films nowadays are unlimited. Who would have tell that in the middle of a wilderness, lies a green meadows? Who would have expect that inspite of differences in culture and tradition, a man will still manage to smile in front of you? This is the modern structure of the city, full of palm grooves and small gardens. 
New Al Diriyah

Al Diriyah ( Derreyeh/Dariyah) is a town in Riyadh located at north-west of the city. It was originaly the home of the Saudi Royal families and served as the capital of the Saudi first dynasty. The ruins of the old city of Diriyah lay on the either side of the narrow valley of Wadi Hanifa, until to the south part of Riyadh.  The place was consisting of mud-brick structures, and was divided into three divisions ( Ghussaibbah, Al - Mulaybeed and Turaif ). The three division was set up on a hill overlooking the valley. Turaif is the highest and its bottom can be easily access by tourist, like me. 

I didn't saw the inside of the old palace but I was able to picturesque the image of it. The ruins were developed and the bridge connected to the old ruins were closed. Knowing Al Diriyah through my travel was one of the unforgettable mem'ries I have. The experience was fun and educational at the same time. Traveling is not bragging about you can afford it, but it is affording to learn as well. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer to many expats and locals. As for me, camels and abayatt is not enough for you to say, "Hey, I've been to Saudi". Two hours in Al Diriyah wasn't enough to explore it, but I am grateful that I was once went to someplace that I've never been. I am truly blessed. 


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