my blogging essentials

Do you want to have your own blog sites? Yes, I think you want because your on my blogsite reading this post of mine.

First and foremost, my blog was 3 years old now and blogging for me is one of my stress reliever because I can pour out everything, it's like this blogging hobby is my shock absorber. But anyhow, before you kick off your first blog post you need to have the basic and yet essential stuff for you to continually support your blogging addiction.

Blogger. For you to be able to start your blog, you have to own a blogging platform. I personally use the blogger site ( ) because it's easy and simple to use. I never had any issue on this blogging site except that when I had my first blog, it was corrupt and I was not able to retrieve it. I am trying to remember what happen on my first blog but somehow I manage to create a new one and so far blogger site is one of the best.

Discipline.  You have to give time and schedule for blogging. It is very crucial to discipline yourself  in managing your stuff. If blogging is your hobby then give a space for blogging. Time management is one key to become a successful blogger. Calendar your activities and take notes all of the ideas that you want to blog. Notepads are the easiest way to organize all your blog plans. I always do the writing plan, it is easy for me to remember stuff if its written and a bonus thing is that it is accessible. 

Camera. Yes! you need photos. I am using Canon DSLRS 600D. Blogging is like a diary where you record all the things that you want, good memories, personal opinions, you can also showcase your writing and photography skills. Pictures gives a colorful view on your blog post.  Any camera will do, as long as you are comfortable with the photos you've taken and the quality of the photo is good.

Connection. How will you publish your blog if you don't have connection. You also need internet to connect to the world. Connection also means the use of social media to boost your blog. Maximize the capacity of the facebook, twitter, instagram and many other social medias, they're a great tool to promote your blog and reach the world.

Laptop. Any laptop and netbook will do. You don't need to have a Macbook for you to blog, as long as you can do the blog. I use a Macbook Air not the pro because it is handy. And if I could have the smaller one, I will have too because Macbook Air is still big for me. But, i told you any laptop or netbook, long as it will do the job.

Extra Hard Drive/ Extra Camera. Yup! You need it dude. You have to anticipate things. The memory of our laptop is limited, so we need to transfer photos on our hard drive and it is also good because you have your own copy in your drive. And you need a spare camera, sometimes DSLRS are bulky and its difficult to keep it in bag specially when you're timid to bring it. Good thing that all phones now have camera. I use my IPAD, i mean regularly in taking photo because this is handy but the quality of the photo is not the same like the DSLRS, so editing it is one of the solution to a low quality photo. 

Earpods. To keep me going with what I am doing, I am comfortable with music on my ear. I guess ideas comes out when there is music. I just don't know with you guys, but for me a nice sound on my ear is essential but not necessarily it is also good for you, but you can try it. 

And yeah! those are my essentials in my blogging. I hope it will help you to start your blogging journey. You can do it and let's make the world happy by simply sharing our thoughts thru writing. What are your blogging tools?


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