pinky fushi

Who is not a fan of japanese stuff? How about sushi and ramen? 
YES! I will raise my two arms for that. 
Fushi, a well known asian  restaurant here at Al Khobar catering sushi and hot and spicy ramen soup. 

Renalyn and I went to Jarir Bookstore just to buy earpods  and cover for my laptop which happened that we passed by this restaurant. And yes! our feet take us upstairs, to the family section and to our surprise our co-workers are there sipping their ramen. Gosh! I am really craving for sushi specially the california maki and the wasabi.

(sorry for the blurred photo )

Anyways, this asian restaurant was technologicaly advance because we use IPAD for the menu. Amazing! Since we crave too much with Japanese cuisine, we ordered two bowls of hot and spicy ramen, one big plate of sushi and the manager gave us a freebie, a plate of another sushi. It was mouthwatering and honestly, I am salivating with the wasabi. If you have taste the wasabi, it is one of the most powerful paste in the world. The strong aroma of the wasabi gives the sushi a flavorful taste in addition with the Japanese sauce ( Kikoman ). I heard that it is expensive. 

 One thing more that is so attractive about Fushi Restaurant is the motif, its pink. And its somewhat girly. The quality of food and the service was excellent since some of the chef in the restaurant was our patient at the clinic and somehow they are also filipinos. The manager of the restaurant entertain us not like a guest but a friend. We want to have a selfie with him, but as always, managers are managers when they are at work, so we respect his decision and just enjoyed the food. 

 #Foodporn was solved. And definitely will comeback Fushi! 

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