first CCF experience

9TH of October, 2016

Yes, from the title itself and delayed post, I went to Frontera Verde, Pasig for church. It was a four ride journey. My two brothers and I went there for us to experience a huge sunday gathering of Christ followers and believers. They are willing to accompany me since its my first time to travel from Paranaque until Pasig and its their first time as well to know what does CCF has, why I really want to go to church thats so far.

We arrived at 11:00 am at the vicinity and its too early for the second service. When I saw the enormous building, I felt something that excites me so much. Atlast, I've seen it in personally, not on laptop screen anymore. The first thing I told to my brothers is to eat lunch before the twelve o'clock service will begin.  So we decided to walk a little far from the building and saw Tiendesietas. Its like a mall but not as huge as the mall. Inside were shops of pets, small stalls of souvenirs, bags, clothing garments and Daiso. Our target is food court so we went upstairs and saw a bunch of food stalls. We ate at Sinaunang Chef. The food was pleasant and mouth-watering. The food were quite expensive and we spent six hundred twenty for three types of viand, 3 bottled water and five cups of rice. We went back to the CCF building and went to sit at their Cup of Faith coffee shop. I like the atmosphere of this shop, there's a lot of Bible Verses and the salient of this shop is the CCF Bookstore. There were different kinds of books from children bibles to cd's, from different bible translation to best selling Christian books and references. I am still hunting for my personal bible and I have'nt seen one. And mind you, I visited three NationalBookstore, so I'm still searching for it.

We went to the main auditorium, and on our way, there were people who greet us and guide us to which path to take for us to reach the auditorium. They were smiling and they eagerly welcome us. Before entering the main auditorium, two men were giving a Chronicle Pamphlets. They were polite and smiling as well. My heart was pumping so fast with excitement and joy when I enter the house of the Lord. I t was huge inside, and its like we were going to watch a movie or concert. There were also people who guide us and assist us where to sit. I told her that I want in front so she assisted us infront and remind us that it is prayer time. 

When I felt so comforatble with my seat, I thank God for this opportunity that He bestowed upon us. He bring us safe to CCF and He will bring us back to Paranaque. The service started and songs we sung, I just can't explain that I can't contain the blessings inside and it overflows. The message was so powerful, and it is indeed the word of God is like a double edge sword, it will cut your bones and your marrows. The message was all about the Lamb of God, the Shepherd - Christ Jesus. That there are two test to know if He is the people's Shepherd - the ear test and the foot test. As what the verse says "they know My voice and they hear Me and they follow Me".

After the service, I went in front for a prayer request and petition. Just like a normal Christian would desire is to bring his/her family to Jesus Christ and as one household they will worship Him in spirit and truth. 

When it finished, we planned to go to welcome center, but we were hesitant becuase it is full and we don't know what we will say, so we deided to go home and take a rest since my brother have work at 5 pm. And as usual we took the train and jeep. 

This day has a lot of fun and discoveries. Though my Museum and National Library was on the shedule after the CCF. I just decided to take a rest and with all the glorious of God, I surrender my itineraries and plans in this vacation. He knows what is best for me.


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