5 Reasons to Visit The National Museum

Undeniably, our everyday life is being influenced by foreign cultures and traditions. We might not know it but we regularly watch their movies, read their novels, copy the way they look and dress and many other stuff that we incorporate it in our daily routines. That's fine and nothing is wrong about it. This is our way of relieving stress, for our enjoyment and for our satisfaction. 

But let's not forget our true blood. Patronizing our own local products, listening to our OPM music, reminiscing  and reviving the history of our beloved country by visiting the National Museum.

The Philippine National Museum is the museum of Filipinos. This is the house of  the most important archeological artifacts, visual and anthropological artistry of our country from ancient historical events to modern times. The National Museum envisioned as the institution who will preserve and promote our cultural and traditional heritage. An instution that will inform, encourage, and excite us when we visit the museum. 

I've recently visited the National Museum and here are the reasons why you should take time to visit the legacy of our pre-historic Filipino people. 

Let's go straight to the point shall we?

1. It's FREE. Yes, you've read it right! The general admission is free effective July, 2016 by the Board of Trustees of the National Museum. Instead of going to cinema or mall which cost you hundred of bucks, why not try the free entrance at the museum. Learning is free so as our National Museum.

2. Reviving the FILIPINO BLOOD. This is one of my purpose why I decided to visit the National museum. I have been working abroad for two years and since then, I haven't seen what our museum looks like inside. I was mezmerized by the spacious hall.  I was extremely and overwhelmed with the different kinds of art works. I am fascinated with the evolution of medicine in the Philippines. I was able to feel the paintings and sculptures of different artist like Felix Hidalgo, Guillermo Tolentino and to name a few. Having seen the "Death March" painting and the various sketches of Amorsolo. The history was once again resurrected. Knowing the culture and traditions of  the ancient civilization was fun and entertaining.

3. Up Close with the SPOLARIUM. This is one also of my goal is to get up close with Juan Luna's painting.   This is a national pride that we can honor and appreciate this huge painting upon entering to the museum. It is glad to say "I came from the same country who painted the well-known Spolarium".

4. Perfect for PHOTOGRAPHY and SELFIES. You want to learn and have fun in taking photos? Go to the museum. It is also a double purpose practicing your photography skills and at the same time learning. But make sure that you won't touch or make fun with the sculptures because its prohibited. And it is disrespectful, not only to the museum personnel, rules and regulation of the museum but most specially to the owner of the art. Have a meaningful photoshoot and selfies where you can be proud of your filipino blood.

5. Great  EXERCISE. The museum is dramatically huge and had four branches.  Going to museum will give you an exercise, not only for the heart and body, but also a food for the brain for new discoveries and new insights. And surely your 2 hours of walk is not enough to see it all.

Here are some of the photos I took at the Museum

How to get there

You can check there website (  http://www.nationalmuseum.gov.ph ) for any inquiries and the location of the museum is at P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila. And it is open from Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Before enetering to the museum. You need to surrender your bag, (cap, hats, or bonnet are prohibited) and log - in at the lobby. You can take your camera, wallet and any valuable belongings.

This vacation or weekend bring your friends, family and kids - youth and leaders of tomorrows' generation at the National Museum, encourage and exposed them to our past history that makes our modern life today. Let them be a part of our historical memories by bringing them to the National Museum.



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