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It was my first time to stay at hotel when I was in Baguio City last October, 2016. (I know this is a late post, but still worth  to share.) Whenever I plan to stay at Baguio, I always end up going home in the evening since our town is just 2 hours bus ride and never stayed for a 4 or 5 days, but this time I dare to stay at the summer capital of the Philippines for four days since I need to finish an important errand so I take the oppurtunity to explore the city.

Its my first time ever in my life to book for a hotel. I searched for many hotels and inns when I finally decided to YES! I will do a solo travel even to a near city. Its okey to be alone for sometime, being alone is not lonely. And its okey to get lost because not all who wander are lost, some are exploring and getting away from routines of life. Looking for a place to stay in Baguio is easy. There are lots of hotels, guesthouses, apartels, inns and dormitories in Baguio with a reasonable price. When it comes to accomodation, I am sort of  picky since this is my first time to travel solo. One thing I consider is my safety.

I booked my stay at Hotel Veniz for four days and 3 nights. I have requested for a standard queen room near the elevator and the total cost was 5,385 php (1,795 php per night).I e-mailed them for queries, they were responsive. 

That time when I arrived at Baguio, it was raining. I am like a wet blanket with a huge hiking bag on my back. I decided to take a cab and headed to the hotel. Hotel Veniz is located at the heart of Session Road where taxi and jeepneys are accessible. The hotel was near to Burnham Park, 10 - 15 minutes away from SM Baguio and to the Victory Bus Station.  Some shopping malls are just 5 minutes walk and as well as restaurants and fast food chains are 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

When I arrived at the front desk, they welcomed me and accomodate me. I told them that I have a reservation and already paid for it. They asked me to sign some papers and also asked me to deposit 500 php which will I get when I check out. For about 5 mins they gave me my key card, my free buffet breakfast coupon and instructed me about the wifi connection. The wifi's are loacted at the lobby on each floor. I am on the 6th floor, so if you want wifi you need to get out from your room and stay at the couch at the lobby.

The reception area  has a small space, but the receptionist were really smiling and approachable. The bell boy and the men at the lobby's main door were polite and happy to greet you. The bell boy assisted me in my assigned room and it was great because they gave me the room that I requested. 

The room was spacious, bed were comfortable. The lightings are very well except that the room doesn't have window. But it was the best thing because you won't hear the business of the streets from outside.

First thing I checked is the beddings. No stains, it was fresh from the laundry, the pillows where soft and clean. The blanket and towels were white-bleached and no stains as well. The bathroom was clean and with hot and cold shower. There is also a hair dryer and toiletries. I checked every drawer and cabinet, it was perfectly tidy and organized. There was a 32 inches flat screen television with cable, a set of coffee, water, C2 and canned soda. At the bedside table was a welcome letter and restaurant menu and on the drawer was a flashlight, an envelope, a bible and remote control of the televsion.

 I also went to check Cafe Veniz  in the evening but it was close already at 10 pm, so I just decided to have a cup of coffee outside the hotel. Early in the morning, at 6 am I stretch and went for my breakfast at Hotel Veniz Grill. 

I love the smell of the brewed coffee and the fried rice. The staff were friendly and asked me about my coupon, and told me that I can take out a breakfast since my coupon is good for two person. So for 4 days I had a free lunch. Breakfast is buffet style so you can go back 3 times and take food as long as it fits on your stomach.

The food was superb and every morning different menus. I enjoyed this moment, eating alone, drinking coffee alone, reading a book and looking everybody's facial expression on each table, smiling to everyone I met at the lobby and outside the hotel whenever I go out. 

In terms of safety, the hotel was safe and it was just near to a police sation so if theres any unexpected incidents, you can call them immediately. The bell boys were assistive. The hotel was budget-friendly. The food was superb. The room was fantastic, I slept and rested very well. The hotel was almost near to everything I need. 

And I realize that happiness is a way of travel - not a destination. It is meeting new people in just a day and sharing them your story and listening to their story as well. 

For Hotel Venice, I will surely comeback. Kuddos! Hotel Veniz.



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