trust on a day

During my 50 days vacation, I had met several people  from Baguio City, from my own home town and on abroad. The Lord planned all of this people because they have a purpose why I met them. In several occasions, I wasn't able to identify who is true and who is fake. But while on my journey, I have learned that each of us are different, not only by blood but most in our spiritual aspect of life. As what they say, my faith is different from yours. Truly, it is. 

While I am having breakfast at Hotel Veniz Grill, I met an awesome couple who celebrate their wedding anniversary. I am fascinated on how they were inlove even at the age of 60. They've asked me if I am busy that morning, and I told them I've got nothing to do except that I'll be having dinner with few friends. They invited me to go to a shrine which is I am not familiar with, because of my curiousity, I went with them. The wife was very accomodating. She's comfortable telling stories about their family, about her husband, about their marriage and even the saddest part of their life. I am just amaze how they trusted me on that day and treated me like her daughter.  The wife asked me if what is my religious affiliation, I told them about Him. Since they are a devotee to the shrine, I didn't insist and just smile at them.


On our town, while on Victory church, I met a very friendly girl. At first she was aloof to seat beside me. I asked her questions, some are personal, most are just common questions. After the church she asked me if I will go somewhere. And yes, we end up going to mall. She had a lot of stories to tell from her family to her lovelife  and stories from her church at Baguio City. And once again, she trusted me on that day.

He is indeed a good Lord. He has given me the priviledge to see His wonders and creations. How He designed the world for His lovely men and women. The God of the Bible who created the universe and humans in His own likeness. His grace and mercy are forever and He will reign from heaven to earth.

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