Beijing: City Inn Happy Valley

Comfy, homey, and great location!. This hotel was included in our tour package under the Royal Kites Travel and Tour agency.  I was not expecting that this hotel was so pleasant aside from the friendly staff (though most of them don't speak and understand english), the location of the hotel was convenient.

The original arrival time  at Beijing International Airport was 12 mn but due to the weather at zero visibility at Beijing, the Cebu Pacific delayed our flight for almost 2 hours and my brother was so bored and can't stretch his feet because Cebu Pacifics' aisle wasn't spacious. We arrived at Beijing at around 2 in the morning, I didn't take a nap at the plane and I feel so lousy because of the weather, foggy and cold but I am really excited to discover Beijing in just 6 hours. Our tour guide was waiting in the arrival area and welcomed us at the airport. 

The travel time from airport to the hotel was 45 minutes and while on the trip going to the hotel, our guide told us about the weather and its 2 degrees and in the afternoon it will probably at 8 degrees Celcius. He also talked about what to expect in our tour and the places we will soon visit after  a good rest and sleep at the hotel. We are all exhausted and drained due to the delayed flight and super cold weather.

When we arrived at the hotel the lights were dimmed as if no one is occupying the place and I thought we're in Sogo Hotel (Philippines) because the theme color is red. ( LOL!) Our guide take all our passport and will bring it back later. After talking to the front desk, Mr. Jacky gave our key card for our assigned room and breakfast stub for five days. My brother and I was assigned at room 216.  At the elevator, you can't go up if you don't have a keycard, because the elevator need to scan your keycard which floor will you go.

TIP: Smoking inside the room/hotel premises is prohibited. There's a smoke detector inside the room so if you want to sip nicotine for your lungs, you have to go out the hotel. For wifi connection, it is free and available 24 hours inside the room and hotel areas only. 

While we're approaching our room, the place was quite creepy because the corridor was dim and aisle was tiny but I didn't mind because when we entered our room. I was relieved because I saw a nice and comfy bed to sleep. The room was clean, and beddings were fresh. The toilet was fabolous. The toiletries were complete and the carpet was vacuumed (I guess). And before we headed to bed, we fixed our belongings at the cabinet and had a cup of coffee to warm our selves. So we had a good rest and we are energized for a jumpacked tour.

We woke up a 6 am and had a 15 minutes stretching and headed to a buffet breakfast were food was unknown but mouth-watering. I suspect that all of the foods prepared on the table is a - must  - taste.  While walking at the alley, a Chinese lady or I must say housekeeper spoke to us in Chinese and we couldn't understand. In my mind, maybe she wants to tell us that she will clean the room. Just maybe, since she was with a cart full of hotel toiletries and vacuum. And after the suptous breakfast, to our surprise all the toiletries and bottled water were new and the bedsheets were fixed. And there's no missing things on our belongings.

 When were done, I had a red flag and I forgot to bring a pad with me so my brother and I figure out how to and where to buy a napkin. Good thing there was a near shopping mall and viola! I don't need to worry about redflag stains during my trip. Though the hotel was just a 3 star, the hotel was excellent. It was near to a shopping mall, restaurants, 24 hours 7-11 and in front of the hotel was a bargain stuff stall. Its accesibility to PUV's was also a good point and its near to the Happy Valley Amusement Park (180 Yuan/pax and open 10: am until 9 pm). 

TIP: Woke up early and walk outside the premises of the hotel. There's alot of pretty and interesting things to capture on your camera and the streets were silent.



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