fun facts: Beijing, China

Touristing is way far different from traveling. According to Mr. Jacky, "when you go to places, information first before photo.  Because when people ask you, they're expecting you to give them a li'l bit of knowledge about the place you visit. Listen and I will tell you the most important photo you'll capture."

As we all know, Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. I t was formerly known as  Peking (where Peking duck are famous) and it was the largest city among the country and one of the most popolous city in the world. Beijing is formed by two Chinese characters "bei" (北) which implies north and "jing" (京) which means capital, thus the literal meaning of the word "NorthernCapital".

Location: It is located at the northern part of China and adjacent to Heibe Provinceand tianjen Municipality to the southeast.It covers of about 38% of flat land and 62% of mountain areas. 

Population: According to our tour guide (Mr. Jacky) as of year 2016, the estimated ppopulation of the city was 21.7M and about 5M live in the city proper and the rest on the outskirts. The city was divided into 14 districts and 2 countries namely (Miyung and Yanquing Country) {The only two names I remember.}

Currency: RMB (Renminbi), the Chinese Dollar and CNY (Chinese Yuan) means dollar. TIP: When you go shopping, bring calculator. For bargain purposes! Change your currency at the airport before you departure and make sure to spend all the RMB's you have in your pocket specially the smaller bills because not all money changers will accept the RMB bill.

Language: Mandarin, it is the most common dialect in China and it was originated in Beijing. I've learn some basic dialect when I went to Beijing, which I used mainly in shopping. TIP: It is very helpful  to have some research on some basic language because they can't really understand english, most of them. I oftenly ask Mr. Jacky on how to say it in Chinese dialect, it seems so easy but it will surely twist your tongue.

Climate: There are four seasons in Beijing, summer (hot and humid) and winter (cold and dry). Spring and autumn are short and cold. Beijing is suitable for traveller all year round. The best time to visit Beijing is season of Autumn ( September to November) because it is the most pleasant and beautiful season in Beijing where the leaves of the trees are yellow. The weather is perfect!

Transportation: Bikes, Cars, (not just ordinary cars, but expensive wheels), taxi (expensive taxi fare), subway, bus (electronic bus). And on communication and social media, TIP: According to our guide, Facebook and Twitter was blocked/banned in China since July 2009, according to him it was the start of riots in Xinxiang (western place of China). But foreigners can still access to the said social medias via proxy's and commercial VPN. So for those who wants to travel in China, its better to download a VPN/Proxy app for facebook and twitter before your arrival at Beijing's airport.

Economic, Education and Health: Beijing ranks as one of the most top cities in China and with its comprehensive power and top on investment environment for future investors and businessmen. The fast changing development of the economy in the city brings about change day by day. The large infrastructure buildings and modern residential, as well as commecial sprung up that gives job to locals. The government of China focus on education of the youth, there are about 100 institution in the city including the largest university, Beijing and Quinghua University.  Locals and expat in Beijing have medical insurance health card. According to our guide, local clinics and hospitals are expensive and one of the option is the traditional way of Chinese treatment of illness. The balance of "chi" (energy) the so called Yin and Yang of our body is important according to Chinese locals.

Trees at Beijing has label according to years of existence.

Mr Jacky - our English tourist Guide
Beijing is not just a crowded touristy area where you take photos and thats it. The history of China, its culture and traditional has a lot to offer. Since highschool we learned about dynasty's and taught us about the Great Wall of China. Beijing, China has plenty of places to visit and so much to discover. 



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