Product Review: BYS Velvet Lip Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the best accesories a woman could have. It is a handy magic wand that could beautify you in just a couple of seconds. Adding a little lip color in your routine could pull up the entire look. 

I am starting a minimalist 2017 (LOL!). I have only two shades of lipstick, nude and red. I had a set of lipsticks when I was in my early age from orange, corals and pinks, and since I am getting older my choice of lipstick has drop down into two which is wearable and perfect for any occassion. 

When the time I was searching for a product I was looking for a matte, yet creamy and easy to glide on my lips. I was also looking for a non-drying formula, non-transferable lipstick and gives full coverage. And I was hunting for a lipstick that is handy,  affordable yet pigmented and the kind of lipstick that I can incorporate in my daily make-up routines. 

Let's take a peak on the BYS Velvet Lipstick on the criteria that I was looking for:

The only shade I was wearing was nude and red. I got the shade of Cherry Now and Bare Beauty at BYS Watsons, ParaƱaque.The shade of Bare beauty was fabulous. It is the kind of lipcolor that I was looking, not too nude and not too pink. The Cherry Now was also stuning. It makes my look classy, elegant and fearless. The two shades compliments my skin color as well.

The consistency of the lip product was creamy when you glide it on your lips. After a few seconds it will dry and become matte. There's no creamyness or sparkle when it dries. It is matte. 

I am quite disappointed when it comes to this criteria. It makes my lips dry and flaky. When I  drink water and eat the product stained on the glass or on the spoon. The worst thing is, it started to fade off on the inner part of my lips. When I re-apply the product, it worsen the scenario. So before I eat/drink if in case, I need to visit the washroom first and remove it and re-apply the product when I'm done. So the product was too hassle for me when somebody invited me to a lunch/dinner. The product is transferable and has a drying formula on my lips.

I bought it with a price of 495.00 PHP each. It is pricey compared to other drug store lipstick product.

The lip product was handy and fit into my make-up kit. Seriously when Im in a hurry and got no time to put it. I just take it and  glam it on the jeepney/bus or anywhere else since the packaging is small. The tube was made of glass and the applicator was thin. It is easy to apply and make sure to line your lip with lipliner first before applying for a perfect lip shape.

The BYS Velvet Lipstick has a lot of shades. You can choose from 26 shades. The BYS Cosmetic is available nationwide in Wtasons and every SM Malls. I highly recommend this product when you're not invited into a buffet party, surely it will be a mess. I opt to wear it on photoshoot or an event without food. Since it is a drying formula in my case, I need a touch of lipgloss/vaseline so it won't be too flaky.  But in total, the BYS Velvet Lipstick is still  good, specially the pigmentation and consistency of the product. The BYS Velvet Lipstick is one of my on-the-go beauty product on my make-up pouch. I've been using  this product when I purchased it for the first time. 

TIP: Exfoliate your lip before applying the product it will lessen the patchiness of the product on your lip. And of course shake well, so that the product was equally distributed when you apply.

I hope this review might help you in getting to know your BYS Velvet Lipstick and for more products of BYS visit:

This review is not sponsored/paid by the company. I purchased on my own. I do my product review just to share my honest and thoughtful opinion on the product.

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