Temple of Heaven: An Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing

Temple of Heaven (Tiantan Park), is located in the central part of Beijing. It is the venue for emperors Ming and Qing Dynastys for sacrificial offering and prayer for good harvests. It is round from the north and square from inside, implying "round heaven and square earth". 

It is a dignified complex of fine cult buildings set in the middle of a garden and surrounded by historic pine woods. In its overall lay-out and that of its individual buildins, it symbolizes the relationship between earth and heaven - the human world and God's world-which stands at the heart of Chinese cosmonogy and also the special role of emperors within that relationship .-UNESCO

the seven star stones

The Temple of Heaven was turned into a marvelous park, it attracted masses of visitors both local and foreigners. The spacious Temple of Heaven is well-afforested.When going into the Temple,a feeling of solemnity, respectfulness,holiness and quietness will well up in the mind. When looking at the beautiful sacrificial altars,one will feel the his soul is purified and his thoughts sublimed. 

The five architecture groups in the Temple are given respective features,while the magnificent Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is the major symbol.The temple is divided by two enclosed walls into inner altar and outer altar. To better symbolize heaven and earth, the northern part of the temple is circular while the southern part is square, which reflect the ancient Chinese belief that Heaven is round and Earth is square.

The lamp:for sacrifiacial purposes

Located in the northern part of the temple is the Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests, where the emperors sacrificed animals and burned incense sticks to pray for good weather for the crops; while in the southern part is the Circular Mound Altar where emperors held ceremonies for worshipping the Heaven. Two principle clusters of worshipping buildings are connected by the Red Stairway Bridge. Additionally, in the temple are the Hall of Abstinence where emperors held fasts before the ceremony and the Divine Music Hall, an imperial organization in charge of performing during the ceremonies.

The temple is also a place for the Chinese grandparents for relatxation, to play Majong and cards. Many young Chinese spent their time in park just walking around and enjoying the rich historical and cultural practices of their ancestors.

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The Temple of Heaven is a cultural museum of offering sacrifices to Heaven,which merges architecture,aesthetics,acoustics,astronomy,calendar,music and dancing into an integral whole.It is an important window through which we can learn the history of China.

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