the Historic Town of Vigan

Vigan, the capital city of Province of Ilocos Sur and located at the western coast of Luzon. It is one of The UNESCO World Heritage site in that it is one of the Hispanic town left in the Philippines where the infrastructures have remained intact. The cobblestone streets, unique architectural European and Spanish design and construction are still preserved.

After the long drive from Santiago, we headed north and established a plan of going to Vigan.  We stayed at this marvelous hotel - Hotel Felicidad. The structure of the hotel and even the furnitures were antiques. The smell of the hotel was wood and I sense the presence of my grandparents because their house is just like this. Though the hotel was made of wood, I bet you, this hotel was at its best. The facilities and aminities were fabulous. The staff were friendly and approachable as well.And of course, it is budget - friendly, our stay for a night cost us 2,500 php only with free breakfast.

They offer complimentary coffee  at 3 pm which I really enjoy. The location of the hotel was excellent, it was near the famous Calle Crisologo, and it was just a walkinhg distance from the town proper and it was accessible by kalesa and tricycle. 

The Vigan City, a well known place to visit our ancient civilization and it's mouth-watering food: vigan longganisa and ensaimada. One of the tourist attraction in Vigan was the Calle Crisologo, the Bantay Bell Tower where late Fernando Poe Jr held the movie "Panday" (if I'm not mistaken), the museum,  and the 

Souvenirs are everywhere in Calle Crisologo, you can choose from key chain, to shirts, hats and sweet delecacies. Calle Crisologo has a lot to offer, not only the place but also the people. They were friendly and smiling. At night we watched the dancing water on the fountain. It was nice and entertaining. We also ate ensaimada and it was superb! Ensaimada in Vigan are one of  a kind.

We spent our second day visiting the Baluarte.  The "safari" was dissappointing and animals here are sad. The place was smelly and dirty. And finally I can say that lions don't roar and tigers are not carnivorous, they were bottle feed. 😏 ! 

Vigan, Ilocos Sur crossed - off to our travel-ist destination. And of course, I would like to thank you for making this travel possible. You've just made me laugh and smile through out our journey. Thank You.



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