Tian'anmen Square (Gate of Heavenly Peace) : Beijing

Tian'anmen Square : Gate of Heavenly Peace, it is the geographical center of Beijing City. The place was conglomeration of massive people, splendid and vibrant flowers and the red national flag which flutters in the wind.  A ceremony of raising and lowering of the Chinese national flag is held at exactly sunrise and sunset, which is something you don't have to miss when visiting Tian'anmen Sqaure.


It was called 'Chengtianmen' (carrying the heaven gate), which means to carry the edict and divine power of heaven Himself, as the Emperor who used this gate, was believed to. In the time of Emperor Shunzhi's reign, the gate was remodeled and called  Tian'anmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace). From then on, all the important imperial celebrations and events such as the enthronement of an emperor, imperial weddings, the rite of the emperor going to battle, imperial edict issued by the Golden phoenix, the worship of heaven and earth and the worship of the five grains, have been practiced by passing this gigantic and symbolic gate.

There are magnificient five opening gates of Tian'anmen Rostum, the middle/center leading to the forbidden City reserved for emperors only and no one can pass through this gate except him for rituals and other religious activities going to the altar. The side passages going to the Forbidden City were reserved for high-ranking goverment officials, and empresses, concubines, princess and princesses. And the ordinary citizen can't enter the Forbidden City.


The place holds the Monument of the National Heroes at the center, the Great Hall of the People, in west the National Museum of China in east and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong in south and to the north the Forbidden City.

Tian'anmen Rostum
The Monument of the National Heroes

Mao Zedong Masuleum
The Great Hall of People 
The National Museum of China

The enormous Lucky gate, according to chinese when you touched the button of this gate you will be blessed the rest of your life

The underpass going to and from Tian'anmen, Forbidde  City and the National Museum
The Entrance to Forbidden City.
When we arrived at the Tian'anmen Sqaure, it was seriously crowded from locals to foreigners and even tour guides are everywhere. It was also noisy and good thing was air pollution was minimized at that time but it was cold. 

Since the place is crowded, TIP: be careful of your belongings, and safety first as always. Going to Forbidden City and National Museum was just easy, you'll just need to go to underpass and read the signs, you don't have to worry because its english translated. But if you belong to a tour guide, just like what I did, we simply follow the panda-fish flag that Mr Jacky was holding.  With the population of Tian'anmen Square, you'll get lost if you don't pay attention to tour guides. 

The next destination is the Forbidden City,Why is it called Forbidden City? How forbidden is Forbidden City?  Let's dig up the history...

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