The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall, one of the greatest wonders of the world, listed on the World Heritage by UNESCO. This wall is not just an ordinary wall made up of bricks, it is a long, gigantic and historical wall made by millions of people and preserved by the government of China. Like a dancing dragon, the wall winds up and down, from top to bottom and left to right with its breathtaking view and steep stairs, you'll admire yourself when you've finally made it to the top.

The Great Wall has two entrance,  we took the Juyunguan Wall and from that entrance you can choose between the easy or difficult climb. Since the weather was cold and windy, we took a challenge to take up the easy climb (LOL!) 

I was excited to do this stairway to heaven climb since this is one of the highlights in our travel. It was pretty easy climbing, but going down was quite difficult because the stairs don't have the same height and it was seriously steep. So you have to be careful and don't be in a hurry going down. I've seen lots of travellers, and old aged locals were having a hard time going down.

What I love doing was watching the panoramic view from atop and looking around the different watchtowers from left to right. The great wall of China has many surprises to offer when you go to the left side you will face a different approach on how to climb harder and the scene was overwhelmingly beautiful. You can also wait for the train to pass or you can buy souvenirs from the great wall shops. 

It's wonderful and amazing that over the years had passed by, truly The Great Wall of China was preserved and is a must visit place despite of its touristy ambience.

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