my perks of being single

Human nature, we always want what we don't have instead of appreciating what weve got.  Social media attacked us in a way that isn't healthy anymore, we oftenly compare ourselves to others, we say "If I had that, if I had him/her, I'll be happier and contented". 

Don't get me wrong, its lovely to have someone by your side, someone you can be comfortable and be insane with, but some relationship have unfulfilling relationships because they have unfulfilling loneliness time in their single life.

So you might think, "What's there to appreciate about being alone - not having a date on major holiday and even for a Friday night?" I have listed my perks of being single.

1. You can enjoy your own company.

If you can't stand to be alone, why would someone wants to stand with you? The famous saying, "it takes two to tango", but in todays generation you can do ballet and hiphop and not only tango.

2. Your bed is yours alone.

You don't have to share the blanket, pillow or even the space of the bed with someone. 

3. You don't have to deal with his people.

Don't need the approval of his peers or family. You can be lazy on your wardrobe, you can just be sweaty and go out without any make - up on without asking if its good or bad. 

4. Your budget is for yourself only.

You can spend your hard-earned money or keep it on the bank or invest it to business. You can do whatever you want in your income.

5. You can create a life you love and want.

 This is the great time to follow your bliss. Pursue your dreams, be the woman you want to be. If you are a travel junkie, travel more, be adventurous. Now is the time to get your promotion, renovate your room, make a career that will boost your confidence and meet new-like minded people.

6.  You can be incredibly selfish.

You can decide major decision without compromising the impact of your decision to a significant others (to the man your in relationship with). Its perfectly acceptable that sometimes you focus on yourself when you have freedom to do so.

7. You have time to work on you. 

You have time to move on to your past, to let go of all the dramas and traumas. You have all the time to say good-bye to all the lies and limit belief about men and relationships once for all.  You have time to get counseling, coaching, group therapy, chant, exercise, or write a journal/blog/web or whatever to get rid of the hurt that happened in the past.

eyeglass: newburry / waych:seiko / shoes: myjuan+

dress: H&M

white under shirt : forever 21

Once you are fulfilled with being alone. Once you are happy being alone, you are much more happier when you are with someone without being needy, without being clingy, without being dependent and without compromising your own self. Being an independent woman is brave and it is the new sexy. 

When being single , this is the best time of your life to fully enjoy spending everything you've got on the most important person in your life - YOU!.

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